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Reality Testing


When a question is asked and the mind considers it, both left and right-brain come into operation and may produce very different kinds of answers. The left-brain mode of thought is one of sifting sequentially through files of associated data and then with the assistance of the right brain, obtaining an overview. The left-brain may fictionalise to cover up missing data or make rationalizations, based on false (mistaken or mis-owned) data or data that has been installed through genetic or cultural imprinting. The right-brain, on the other hand, may interpolate emotional force to prevent inspection of deeply held beliefs, of hidden aspects of the personality, or of repressed traumatic experience, a different type of imprinting.

The truth, then, may thus be concealed by distorted thinking due to charged contents of both left and right hemispheres. In the left-brain, alterations from the truth (mistaken, mis-owned, created or installed data) will be charged because the Superconscious 'knows better'; it is this 'meta-programmer' that energizes the meter reading. Similarly the meta-programmer (the Higher Self) knows when it is not confronting truth - obscuring data by suppression, invalidation or refusal to notice, or if the painful material is in the nature of installed (innate, imprinted, conditioned or learned) behavior patterns or suggestions.

Using the galvanic skin response (GSR) psychometer, charged mental content will respond, but while this is helpful in quickly spotting items to handle, this does not indicate the nature of distortion that the mind is executing. By examining the meter response to a charged item or idea in terms of left and right hemispherical arousal, using an EEG, it is possible to realize when and how the subject is distorting or obscuring a truth that he really knows.

Using this guidance the person can look further, either sideways ("Try looking in another direction" - left-brain) or deeper ("Is there more to this? Is there something you are not looking at?" - right brain) and realize the whole truth that he knows, as it actually is. After some probing, when the person's view no longer causes an arousal response, this will then be the honest and real viewpoint and may then be soundly revised with the cognizance of further data or insight. Practice with this technique enables one to get quickly to the core of any issue being examined.

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