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Recall Something


There is a very simple but powerful repetitive procedure, which serves to break through the charge-barrier between you and your memory bank. When this barrier is removed, it is much easier to be in the here-and-now, aware in the present moment. You simply run: "Recall Something" and as quickly as you can, obtain a memory; then repeat the command "Recall Something". Any memory will do, whether it is from one minute ago or from long ago.

After a while you will run out of "stock memories" and the barrier will become apparent. Keep going! Keep asking the question and keep the answers coming as quickly as possible - do not dwell on any of the memories. Do lots of this until you are able to almost instantly come up with new memories.

Further procedures to use in the same way are:

  • "Recall a communication".
  • "Recall an emotion".
  • "Recall an understanding".

To therapeutically enhance communication between right and left hemispheres, repeat the above exercise but alternate "Recall Something" with "Imagine Something".

The following memory exercise is also extremely beneficial:

Repetitive Memory Exercise

This is a fun exercise that really does make a nice difference to one's outlook on life and improves one's self esteem.

The process of dwelling on positive experiences opens up a new resource of energy in your mind. It is as if these experiences have left behind golden nuggets of your life energy that you can now reclaim. In the following exercises you will spend some time systematically recalling some of the more pleasant experiences of your life.

Putting your attention on the positive causes your energy to increase. Recalling those experiences brings you into the same emotional state now. Your increased life energy then also has the effect of making the negativity of bad experiences less significant and ‘held onto’, causing bound-energy held in them to dissipate and become available as more free life energy, for your use.

Step 1. Ask yourself a question from the Recall List below.

Step 2. Recall such an experience and briefly run through it as if it were happening in the present (e.g. "I'm running along the road and...").

Recall List

Can you recall a time when:

You enjoyed yourself.
You earned some money.
You heard some good music.
You mastered something.
You got something you wanted.
You enjoyed a cosy fire.
You rode a bicycle.
You plaid with an animal.
You rearranged furniture.
You really knew what you were talking about.
You gave a successful demonstration or talk.
You straightened out a messy environment.
You felt good about the way you looked.
You enjoyed talking with someone.
You were acknowledged for a job well done.
You kept a promise.
You held somebody close.
You enjoyed exercising.
You drew a picture.
You helped somebody.
You won.
You met someone you got on well with.
You had a good time dancing.
You felt important.
You were having a good holiday.
You achieved something worthwhile.
You were enjoying a long walk.
You enjoyed working in the garden.
You had a good idea.
You kissed somebody you liked.
You laughed at a joke.
You painted something.
You felt enthusiastic.
You were with a friend.
You stood your ground.

If you cannot recall such an incident just go on to the next question. If you get reminded of an unpleasant memory, leave it and instead recall a pleasant incident that has happened in the past few days, which feels very real to you, e.g. a time when you felt affectionate or you were in good communication with someone. Then take a break before continuing with the next question.

When you can recall pleasurable experiences without much difficulty, repeat Steps 1 & 2 above, looking for earlier incidents of the same kind, and in addition:

Step 3. Choose a question from the Senses List below, about the experience.

Step 4. Recall that sense in the experience and describe it, again in the present tense (e.g. "I'm seeing lamp posts and parked cars...").

Senses List

1. Describe something you are seeing in that memory?
2. Describe something you are touching in that memory?
3. Describe a color that you see in that memory?
4. What is the temperature in that memory?
5. Describe the position of your body in that memory?
6. Describe an emotion you are experiencing in that memory?
7. Describe something that you are hearing in that memory?
8. Describe something about the movement that is going on in that memory?
9. Describe something you are smelling in that memory?

Step 5. If you feel complete after several passes through the list, you may continue by creating an imaginary "experience" in response to the questions - let your imagination run wild! So instead of "Recall a time when...", ask: "Imagine (experiencing in the present) ..." - e.g. "Imagine enjoying yourself". And then ask the Senses questions: "Describe something that you are seeing", etc. in relation to your visualization.

Step 6. You can expand the above exercise by recalling other positive experiences in your life, and by visualising positive things happening. Choose experiences, behaviors, memories, observations, imaginings and fantasies that are heart-warming, where you feel good, happy, ecstatic, joyful, confident, strong, loved, capable, masterful, exuberant, euphoric, thrilled, excited, inspired, etc.

Recognize what makes you feel good, what you could do more of.

Here are some more areas that you can look at:

Use the above techniques to expand on your multi-sensory perception of the times you recall or visualize.

Can you recall a time when:
You were glad to be with a friend.
You caught sight of something you dad been waiting for.
You found the anxiety was for nothing.
Your parent was proud of you.
You were loved.
You were invited.
You conquered sorrow.
You were looked up to.
You could go and come as you please.
Your fears were groundless.
You did the impossible.
You felt very much alive.
You chose some clothing that was just right.
You refused to be owned.
You decided to be completely different from a person.
You resolved an upset.
You solved a problem.
You broke free of a limiting fixed belief.
You completed something successfully.
You felt you were growing up.
You achieved an advancement in your career.
Something you wrote was published.
You reached a milestone in your life.
You were anticipating a special event.
You were anticipating sexual pleasure.
You were anticipating a special meal.
You were anticipating seeing a long unseen person.
You appreciated receiving an award or honor.
You appreciated being accepted as a leader.
You appreciated finding unexpected respect or appreciation.
You appreciated receiving respect/encouragement from someone.
You admired a beautiful view.
You admired a beautiful flower.
You admired a beautiful animal.
You admired a beautiful sky.
You appreciated the fresh air.
You admired a graceful movement.
You admired a beautiful painting.
You were captivated by some beautiful music.
You had child-like feelings.
You had child-like playfulness.
You had child-like innocence.
You had child-like wonder.
You had child-like sharing.
You had child-like friendship.
You had child-like discovery.
You received affection from a child.
You enjoyed watching the performance of a child.
You received others' compliments about your child.
You admired a child's innocence.
You admired a child's bubbling effervescence.
You admired a child's silliness.
You felt a sense of tradition shared or passed along to the next generation.
You felt a sense of oneness with the world/universe.
You felt a sense of community.
You felt a sense of group acceptance.
You felt a sense of spiritual joining.
You felt you have good neighbors.
You felt you have good friends.
You felt a sense of feeling part of a larger whole.
You felt a sense of continuity.
You felt your life was in order.
You enjoyed having a neat house.
You liked your appearance.
You enjoyed feeling organized.
You enjoyed being on time.
You enjoyed feeling slim and trim or at a good weight.
You enjoyed eating healthily.
You enjoyed exercising.
You enjoyed working well as a team member.
You enjoyed singing with others.
You enjoyed creating with others.
You liked your co-workers.
You decided to take a risk.
You decided to make a commitment.
You decided to make love for first time.
You decided to get married.
You decided to buy a house.
You decided to go into business.
You decided to quit a job.
You made-up after a fight.
You won a concession.
You forgave someone.
You were forgiven.
You had a sudden inspiration.
You had a sudden insight/understanding.
You discovered a secret.
You discovered a shared connection.
You discovered a shared idea.
You discovered a shared experience.
You discovered a shared background.
You discovered a shared belief.
You discovered a new friend.
You discovered a new idea.
You discovered a new place.
You discovered a new sensation.
You discovered a new interest.
You discovered a new activity.
You discovered a new experience.
You had a special holiday.
You went out for a special meal.
You really enjoyed a party.
You went someplace different.
An event became hilarious.
You told a story.
You were thinking about your future.
You planned for a vacation.
You saw the light at end of the tunnel.
A fantasy came true.
You righted a wrong.
You got recognition and proper respect after ill treatment.
You receiving due apology.
You won a just reward or judgment.
You enjoyed having free time.
You enjoyed freedom from constraints.
You enjoyed freedom from time pressure.
You enjoyed freedom from paying off debts.
You enjoyed freedom from rules.
You enjoyed not having to work.
You enjoyed being alone, free from distraction or interruption.
You enjoyed solving, fixing, curing a problem.
You made the decision to leave and did it.
You quit a bad habit or addiction.
You took responsibility and were glad you did.
You found something lost.
You found a bargain.
You bought a special gift.
You found something you collect that's hard to find.
You found something you thought to be lost.
You received affection.
You got a pleasant hello from a stranger.
You gave without expecting anything back.
You received exciting news.
You cooked a lovely meal.
You received a personally made gift.
You gave a thoughtfully chosen gift.
You enjoyed athletic activities.
You enjoyed dancing.
You enjoyed a terrific concert.
You heard good news.
A past decision worked out.
A past predictions came true.
Your opinion proving right.
You fixed something.
You volunteered to do something.
You observing the effects of helping/caring for another.
You relieving another's suffering.
You saw a person get better.
You listened with empathy and caring.
You helping someone achieve a good outcome.
You contributed to a good cause.
You made the right rather than the easier decision.
You enjoyed creating or making something.
You received a spontaneous/unexpected hug.
You enjoyed flirting/being flirted with.
Younjoyed your work or job.
You finished a challenging assignment.
You had a good idea at work.
You performed well at work.
You learnt a new skill.
You improved a skill.
You found meaning and value in work.
You had a happy/interesting conversation.
You were well prepared with a timely answer.
You had a funny experience.
You told a good joke.
You felt increasing intimacy.
You helped your parents.
Luck went your way.
You saved for and bought something you really wanted.
You found a bargain.
You cut a good deal.
You felt financially secure.
You felt nostalgia for times or people gone or dead.
You admired an act of bravery or courage.
Somebody's action inspired you.
You read a moving passage in a book.
You were moved by a film or play.
You were moved by music.
You were moved by nature.
You felt a sense of wonder.
You enjoyed learning.
You felt a sense of courage.
You recognized a need for change.
You opened up to intimacy.
You opened up to caring.
You opened up to forgiveness.
You opened up to healing old wounds.
You felt "on the ball".
You reached a personal best.
You had an insight.
You felt self mastery.
You were able to concentrate well.
You felt confident.
You felt enthusiastic.
You felt ecstatic.
You felt pride in your family.
You felt pride in your country.
You felt pride in your group.
You were proud of your achievement.
You were proud of your performance.
You reached safety.
You knew your family is safe, secure and well cared for.
You felt attractive.
You felt healthy.
You felt popular/liked.
You felt needed.
You felt creative.
You felt strong.
You felt powerful.
You felt capable.
You felt dependable.
Making love was wonderful.
You shared a good experience.
You shared a new possession.
You shared good news.

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