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The Insight Project ~ Parts I-V

Part I - Meta-Programming begins by teaching the principles and application of basic Meta-Programming techniques and establishes a clear and stable state of being - itself in advance of states achievable by other methods. One is then well prepared to begin the advanced procedures contained on further Parts of the Insight Project, which contains 1200 pages in total of detailed instructions as well as unlimited personal supervision by email.

Your work on Meta-Programming handles all past identities that are still being held on to right now, so that you are being your own desired identity playing your own game. It is the deprogramming of reactive identities and the beginning of release from the game of being Homo Sapiens. Part I reveals the Imprint phenomena and gets the individual Meta-Programmer aware of his or her Higher Self.

Introduction & Training
Level 1: Basics
Level 2: Letting Go
Level 3: Clarity
Level 4: Vitality
Level 5: Identity
Level 6: Virtue
Level 7: Reality
Level 8: Stability
Level 9: Stuck Flows
Level 10: Goals

Part II - New Awakening exposes the environmental reactivation and the behavior patterns the individual is stuck in, as he can now view this material objectively. Like air pressure, this environmental reactivation goes unnoticed but it needs to be uncovered and resolved to move on to higher awareness. Part II begins with the deprogramming of reactive compulsions and inhibitions - the needs and fears that are the barrier to full realization. This produces a full state of clarity, much like that of the Buddhist who - over many lifetimes of meditation - has learned to no longer be a slave to his egotistical desires. But this is learning achieved much more directly, in this lifetime.

This Part stabilizes the gains from Part I and enables the fixed identities (attached to Goal Conflict Structures) and associated habit patterns that were exposed on Part I to be no longer reactivated and kept in play by the needs and fears of everyday life, resulting in truly a new awakening of the Higher Self.

Level 0: Correction
Level 1: Needs
Level 2: Fear
Level 3: Exteriorisation
Level 4: Introversion
Level 5: Havingness
Level 6: Ways of Being
Level 7: Causation
Level 8: Money
Level 9: Power Change-Over
Level 10: Games
Level 11: Awareness
Level 12: Postulates
Level 13: Hold on to Anchor Points
Level 14: Let go of Anchor Points
Level 15: Create Anchor Points

Part III - Own Goals uncovers the layers of decisions, evaluations and considerations that the Higher Self is acting on and that caused the Being to descend into misguided agreements. On this Part all the material broached on Parts I and II is finalised and any loose ends resolved, so that the highest level of being is now fully accessible.

Level 1: Reason
Level 2: False Data
Level 3: Intelligence
Level 4: Ethics
Level 5: Aesthetics
Level 6: Meaning
Level 7: Doubt
Level 8: Agreements
Level 9: Emotion
Level 10: Intention
Level 11: Viewpoints
Level 12: A New Game
Level 13: The Rock
Level 14: The Real Why
Level 15: Own Goals

Part IV - Higher Games deals with the Games Beings Play and get stuck with, like the Physical Universe. The matrix of postulates of the Higher Self, on that the individual has been operating in this and other time continuums, are revealed with all their ramifications and significances, so that the Being is extroverted from all stuck (unknowing) Games.

Level 1: Postulate Review
Level 2: Revelation
Level 3: Dichotomies
Level 4: Source
Level 5: The Basic Incident
Level 6: Postponed Objectives
Level 7:Integrity
Level 8: Unwilling to Play
Level 9: The Program
Level 10: Force
Level 11: Being in the Now
Level 12: Out Primaries Rundown
Level 13: Control & Force
Level 14: Traps
Level 15: Stuck Postulates
Level 16: Attributes
Level 17: Escape
Level 18: Threatened Loss
Level 19: Destruction
Level 20: Something There
Level 21: Body Recruitment
Level 22: Games Conditions
Level 23: Motivation
Level 24: Randomness
Level 25: Dependence on a Body
Level 26: Comparable Opponents
Level 27: Importance of Game
Level 28: The Composite
Level 29: Interiorisation
Level 30: Present Time Conditions
Domains Assessment

Part V - Full Realization is the culmination of the Project. These materials present many important new principles that are quite breathtaking in their scope, including a fundamental structure that underlies the spiritual Being's case and which has been untouched by any previous technologies, and very much affects each of us in our lives right now in present time. Games and Conflict Structures are viewed both as Player and Opposed Player, revealing the ways in which Beings individuate and lose touch with their shared spirituality. Many basic issues are revisited from this viewpoint. The blocks to Full realization are removed and this state is confirmed and stabilised.

Level 1: Denied Affinity
Level 2: Causation II
Level 3: Vias
Level 4: Avoiding Games
Level 5: The Concept 'Me'
Level 6: The Gamesmaker
Level 7: Final Accomplishment
Level 8: Survival Postulates
Level 9: Loss
Level 10: Change
Level 11: Excuses
Level 12: Needed & Wanted
Level 13: Flows
Level 14: Responsibility
Level 15: Spoiling the Game
Level 16: Now
Level 17: Criticism
Level 18: Connections
Level 19: Importance/Unimportance
Level 20: No Motion
Level 21: Expanded Power
Level 22: Peak Experiences
Level 23: Expanded Interiorisation Handling
Level 24: The Physical Game
Level 25: Wrong Indications
Level 26: Fighting
Level 27: Out-Points
Level 28: Substitutes
Level 29: The Last Certainty
Level 30: Sexuality
Level 31: The Computation
Level 32: Ideal Scene
Level 33: Rehab of Games
Level 34: Me & Them
Level 35: Games That Turned Sour
Level 36: Roles
Level 37: Ethics Presence
Level 38: Decision Not To Leave
Level 39: Ridges
Level 40: Interest
Level 41: Universes
Level 42: Acceptance Level
Level 43: Suppression
Level 44: Safety
Level 45: Revenge
Level 46: Survival Computations
Level 47: Demoted Beingness
Level 48: The Agreements
Level 49: Assignments
Level 50: Basics
Full Realization Intensive

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