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Exercise 6: Sentence Completions

With your partner, complete the following sentences, with as much honesty and frankness as you can muster. Move on to the next one when you have uncovered an awareness that you were previously suppressing. (And then be sure to put this self-realization into action in your life!)

Your partner says, 'Please complete this:'

I am a person who...

One of the things I'd like people to know about me is...

One of the things I have to do to survive is...

All my life, I...

It isn't easy for me to admit...

Sometimes I feel frustrated when...

If I didn't care what people thought, I would...

Ever since I was a child, I...

One of the things I'd like to be valued and appreciated for is...

One of the things I wish people understood about me is...

One of the things I appreciate about my parents is...

One of the things that first attracted me to my partner was...

I feel especially happy with my partner when...

I feel especially happy with my friends when...

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