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Questionnaire - Page 1

The Questionnaire is presented in a series of pages, one for each psychological trait.

Work through the questions, clicking the box next to the appropriate answer: either "Yes," "Maybe" or "No".

"Maybe" can also be interpreted as "Sometimes" or "Both".

Answer as honestly as you can: there is no point in trying to "make yourself look good" - that would be counter-productive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The questionnaire is completely confidential, in accordance with all privacy regulations. You do not enter your name or email and no identifying information is requested nor recorded. When you move on to the next questionnaire page, your previous scores are displaid in the score box at the bottom of the page. However, your scores are not actually stored in the web browser - when you close the current window or tab, your scores are no longer retained, and will not be available later to yourself or anyone else. For that reason, at completion of the questionnaire, you have the facility to save the scores you obtained, if you so wish.

A - Extraversion/Introversion


Trait 1 - ACTIVITY


How do you compare?

Your Score on this Trait:  

Each trait in this Questionnaire covers a wide range of behavior. The score obtained by a majority of other people representing the particular culture in which this questionnaire was originally tested, provides a "norm". No evaluation, complimentary or condemnatory, should be attached to extreme scores, high or low.

The norm is not necessarily "right" as the majority of people tested may have a cultural tendency that is far from optimum. At the same time, extreme scores may represent compulsive or inhibitory neuroses, and any score may indicate to you, aspects of your personality that you would like to improve or to change.

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