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Swish Pattern

The swish pattern is a procedure that enables you to change modalities quickly and easily.

Here is the procedure.

  1. Select a behaviour that you wish to change. Close your eyes and see an image of that behaviour. For example, if you wish to stop smoking, then see in your mind's eye you hand with a cigarette moving up to your mouth. Actually BE in that image and see what you would normally see. This is the cue.
  2. Next create a picture of how things will be when you have attained your goal. For example, imagine looking at your hand and noting how nice is smells now. You feel yourself taking a deep breath and enjoying the clean air in your lungs. You can make the new picture more motivating by adding a band (Da! Daaa!), flashing lights, etc.
  3. Now make a big, bright motivating picture of the behaviour you want to change and in the bottom right hand corner of the picture a small dark picture of the behaviour that you want.
  4. Then in one fast reversal have the small dark image grow (or explode) to become big and bright and the old picture is overwhelmed and becomes small and insignificant (or disappears). Whilst you do this say Whoosh! (or Swish!) in an enthusiastic manner. Swap the images in the time it takes to say Whooshhhhhhhh!
  5. Open your eyes to break the state. You might count down from ten as a distraction.

The key point is to make the change very fast. The technique usually works in one repetition, howeve, you can repeat the technique many times.

You can do the Swish say five times and then test it to see if the old behaviour triggers the new.

If not, the ensure the images are created as stated above and the swish is done extremely fast. You may need more than one repetition so you can practise the swish pattern and do it fast.

Swish is an extremely fast and effective technique to change behaviour. Learn it well and use it!