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Ken Ward's Mind Mastery Course

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States of Mind 2

clear.gif (807 bytes) Our state of mind can be determined by:
  1. The environment
  2. Incidents
  3. Knowledge
  4. Past life
  5. Self created worlds in your mind

If you live in an environment where people are successful, then this is likely to rub off on you and you will develop the states of mind for success. If you live in a poor environment then you may develop the states of mind for this too.

Life incidents can have a significant effect on your states of mind. If something powerful happens then your belief in yourself is increased. A traumatic incident can colour the rest of your life.

Through reading and watching television and films, you can develop of model for yourself that can empower you, or if you read the other stuff then you may be dis-empowered. Knowledge of other people can influence your states of mind.

Your past life can influence your states of mind whatever your environment. If your parents brought you up in a way that was empowering, then you will have a head start in life.

Finally, you can create a new environment in your mind where you attain whatever you wish to attain and step into this and begin to live it in reality. You can create or recreate your world in your mind and actualise it.