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Ken Ward's Mind Mastery Course

Your mental states determine how you create your world. You create your mental states by the way you represent things to yourself.

clear.gif (807 bytes) Imagine you are going to make a public speech. You might be in a fearful state or in an empowered state where you can do this with confidence.

How you respond to the activity of making a speech depends on your state of mind.

To create the world you want, you need to be able to enter resourceful states when necessary.

The key to attaining what you desire is how you represent things to yourself.

So if you represent the world as a place where you can attain whatever you wish, and behave consistently with this, then you will get different results from those you might get if you represent the world as unfair and impossible to succeed in.

You represent the external world with your five sense. The most important of which are usually vision, feeling and hearing. Visual, auditory and feeling signals determine (mostly) how you respond to your world. The five sense are the key to understanding representation.

Those who attain their outcomes are people who maintain an internal representation of that outcome, and act consistently with it. They are not deterred by apparently opposing external events. In the face of hopelessness, they persist in creating a representation consistent with their outcome and they take action which is consistent with that representation. They are in a state to achieve their outcome.

You can deal with apparent opposition by believing that you can attain your outcome. One way of doing this it to read about those who in your circumstances faced similar obstacles and overcame them.