Do take into account that because I do not know you or your situation in any detail, anything said is merely a guess.

There are two issues. One related to self development and the other may be related to your body.

You have some important information in the New Life Course and you may REALIZE THAT THIS WILL HELP.

There is an important rule of thumb. CHOOSE THE ACTIVE rather than the passive!

So instead of sitting alone at home, choose to GO FOR A WALK. This is a choice we all have.

You need to go for a walk. You can WALK AROUND AND NOTICE THINGS. That's all you need to do. Walk around and notice things near and far. Look at near things and at things in the distance.

Also, as your experience may have spiritual significance, you might want to go where other people are, such as in a park or in the town centre. You may be about to RECEIVE AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE and you need to go out and find it. It could be another person, an advertisement or something .. I don't know what it is. But you need to GO OUT AND FIND IT. There may be a wonderful change about to happen in your life and this might be a message from another person or something which you will discover by taking a more active approach to life. Seek ... and truly you will find.

The SECOND area is the food you eat. I don't know what your situation is, but I sense you could be lacking energy in the form of sugar.

> I am becoming angrier and angrier, I need to move away from this place

This sounds like a brain deprived of SUGAR. I know that a lot has been said about the ill effects of too much sugar and if you are suffering from other effects of sugar then taking more sugar would not be wise. But if you think you may be short of sugar, then you should take more in the short term to get the energy the brain needs to operate in a calm and proper manner.

Chocolate contains sugar and MAGNESIUM so it is good in the short term for feeling anxious or angry. You know this is a short term solution and I am not suggesting that people eat chocolate in large amounts over a long time. But you need to deal with the present situation.

COCOA, whole-grain cereals, fresh fruit, salads ... are also important. BREWERS YEAST is very good because it contains B vitamins and more importantly, certain amino acids. Of great importance are milk and meat (because they contain many valuable nutrients). If you are a vegetarian, then you can choose from the other options.

AVOID COFFEE (unless decaffeinated) and other processed foods where possible.

The emergency remedy is chocolate and sweets!

Once again, I don't know your situation so the above may be completely wrong!

I don't know HOW SOON YOUR SITUATION WILL BE RESOLVED - and you may not believe a word I have written at the moment. Now I'd be very interested to hear about any changes in your life ... I don't know HOW SOON YOU WILL NOTICE CHANGES, but it will be interesting hearing news about your message and changes, won't it?

PS Use the Being Specific Model on what you have written below ... you might FIND IT INTERESTING!

Try this: IMAGINE YOU HAVE SOLVED ALL YOUR ISSUES and you FEEL GREAT. NOW, and you might want to write this down, figure out what you did to find an answer (or answers)! It also makes you FEEL GOOD - NOW doesn't it?