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Discover the model

We create our worlds by using an internal model of our world. We can change our world in many ways. Different people sense the world in different ways. For some, it is full of opportunity. For others, it is full of misery. It is the same world, but sensed through different models.

To change a model, you need, at first, to discover what model is being used.

How do you do that?

The above question is an excellent one to discover how you or another person creates their world and their feelings.

If another person feels anxious about something (or you feel anxious about something), ask, How do you do that?

You can (and should) clarify things by asking the submodality questions. For example:

When you look at that image:

  • Is it big or small?
  • Does it tower above you or is it below you? Or in the centre of your visual field?
  • What colour is it?
  • What size is it?

When speaking to another person, you can say :

If I felt anxious about this, as you do:

  • What pictures would I see?
  • What would I say to myself?
    • How would I say it?
    • What tone would I say it in?
    • Etc
  • What would I feel (using the submodality questions).
    • Where would that feeling be?
    • Would it be heavy or light?
    • Etc

The two sets of questions are a different way of doing the same thing - discovering HOW you or the other person creates the feeling that they have. You are discovering the other person's model of the world so that you can make changes if required.

You want to know what model is used to create the specific emotions and physical actions.