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Eliciting submodalities for criteria

In the previous page, we elicited criteria. In this page we are going to elicit the submodalities for the top criteria. When we have done this we can go on to change the criteria, if the client wants them changed.

The criteria elicited were (in order):

  1. Happiness
  2. Making a better world
  3. Freedom
  4. Learning
  5. Challenge
  6. Discovery
  7. Change

When you think about being happy ... is it a picture?


Is it black and white or coloured?


Is it bright or dim?


Does it have a location?

Yes. It's to the left and above.

Does it have a border around it?


What is the colour of the border?

It's black.

Is it a snapshot or a movie?

A snapshot.

Focussed or defocussed?


We have now elicited the submodalities for the highest criteria.