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Ken Ward's Mind Mastery Course

Your owner's manual for your brain - that you never received or never read.

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  You create your personal universe!

Whatever happens to you - anything - is what you have created. You are the master of your world and you have made it what it is. Whatever you have created, notice now the wonder of achievement - whether you view your life as good, bad or so-so, you have made it how it is.

You don't, for example, catch 'a lack of confidence', you make it by the way you think, by what you believe and by what you do and feel.

Imagine biting into a lemon. You may be aware that your face changes and you might even grunt, as you think of the bitter taste. Now what causes you to react to the imagined bitterness? Not a lemon. There isn't one! What makes you react as you do is the mental image you created.

Compare 'a lack of confidence'. How can you believe, think, feel and act and speak so you consider you lack confidence? What mental images (of being rejected, of failing), what facial expressions (of sadness, and fear) and what feelings (of nervousness and hopelessness) do you create to make yourself lack confidence?

And what pictures, feelings, sounds do you create to make yourself be full of confidence?

Whether you lack self confidence or have it in abundance - you have created the mental pictures, sounds and feelings that make you what you are.

So, if you wish for different things, you can achieve them.

This is about how you can make these changes easily and quickly in a way you have never realised before. These pages are not about mere inspiration, but about how you can understand your mind so that you can create that which you sensed you could attain, but have not yet noticed how you can use your skills of making your world the way it is, to making it different.