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Ken Ward's Mathematics Pages

Number Theory


  1. Indeterminate Equations
  2. Euclid's Algorithm
  3. Euclid's Extended Algorithm
  4. Computing gcd and ax+by=d at the same time
  5. Decimal to Fraction Conversion Using Euclid
  6. Continued Fractions
  7. Continued Fractions Using An Algorithm
  8. Modular Arithmetic
  9. Linear Congruence Equations
  10. Chinese Remainder Theorem and the Chinese Problem
  11. Chinese Problem Formula 1
  12. Chinese Remainder Theorem due to Gauss
  13. Number Base Systems
  14. Fermat's Factorisation Method
  15. Fermat's Method Odd and Even a's and b's
  16. Fermat's Method: Sieve
  17. Divisibility Tests Method 1 (All Numbers)
    1. Table of Coefficients
  18. Divisibility: Method 2
    1. Table of Rules for Divisibility using Method 2
  19.  Divisibility Trial Division

Ken Ward's Mathematics Pages

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