JavaScript Editor - full of features, knowledge base, and utilities

JavaScript Editor: the jsEditor helps you to quickly and easily write JavaScript. Its utilities help you create and manage Internet files, including Style Sheets.

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JavaScript Editor: jsEditor makes creating great web effects a snap!

Rather than read about the jsEditor, you can download a copy and check it out yourself.

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You may find the actual tutorial files, for the editor, of interest, too.

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  • Function List, including functions in linked pages (.js files). Press F6 to get a list of functions, which you can enter into your page.
  • Code Help - Type a dot, '.', and Code Help appears, if enabled, for you to select a word
  • Help with JavaScript - Press F4 and the database searches for the word at the caret
  • Spell checking
  • Convert Rich Text to HTML
  • Find Bar finds all occurrences of a word or phrase in your page - useful for debugging.
  • Find Between Markers: Type the first marker, say '<!--start' and the second marker '<!--end of code' and jsEditor will find the first occurrence of text between these markers. Useful when editing.
  • Find Files - find files and load them directly into jsEditor
  • Find In Files - find text in files and load them directly into jsEditor
  • Recent Files List
  • Enough HTML
  • Useful Data

  • Style Sheets

Basic is best: the jsEditor makes writing JavaScript code easier. Easy and fast to use - it is certainly most open and clear - you can see exactly what it has done (helping you learn).

In addition to the features below, you have the option of using Code Help.

  • Add JavaScript Tags, functions, common event handlers ...
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Extensive help including context sensitive winhelp
  • Code Help - type a dop and choose from the intelligent dialog
  • Click on a javascript word and press F4 for instant examples
  • Basic HTML Tags forms, hex colours, links, TOC ...
  • More than 150 items and code illustrating functions, methods, etc - a great resource of JavaScript knowledge!
  • Spell Checking
  • Preview HTML files in the viewer
  • Normal Windows editing features - including find, replace, etc.
  • Create Search Page
  • Line and Column numbers to help debugging. And go to line ...
  • Wizards (or dialogues)
  • Utilities

Order page - immediate download

It contains the following wizards:

  • New Windows Wizard (or dialogue) for loading files in a popup windows or writing them on the fly.
  • The Alerts Wizard creates alerts easily - especially those with several lines of text.
  • Spell Checking
  • The Function Wizard writes general functions by putting in the basics.
  • The Tables Wizard creates new tables, and
  • The Dummy Link Wizard gets to the heart of JavaScript - helping you write onClick, onMouse and other events easily. You can even add Link Titles!
  • Array wizard
  • The Cookie Message Wizard -

The jsEditor contains as part of its functionality:

  • LinkRot and Rubbish find broken links are orphan files
  • Convert HTML to text - which can join files together (concatenate).
  • Convert HTML to viewable HTML (< and > to &lt; and &gt;)
  • Search Engine Generator, which creates a javascript search engine for your site.
  • Find image alternate text - a forgotten area in Web Design. You can check what is written in your alternate text, and make sure it is right for search engine positioning.


The knowledge base contains more than 150 items with illustrative code to enable you to find the function or method you require, and to see an example of its use (normally you need to copy the code to the main editor and add JavaScript tags). The examples are ones that normally work with Microsoft AND Netscape. This may be a UNIQUE source of information on WORKABLE code. Nowadays, however, IE seems to be the most popular browser, so the choice of code now errs towards IE.

Here are some of the items in Code Helper or the Database:

Press F4: You can use jsEditor knowledge base to check the exact spelling and case of the item you require. And to run an example of its use so you can USE it!

jsEditor will also find the names and IDs of your HTML elements.It does this as part of Code Help. Here you would select "Names&IDs" from the dropdown to get a list of all the names and IDs in the document.

Press F5: Code Help will appear anyway (normally it appears when you type a dot (.) in the JavaScript Code area of your page (unless you have chosen to disable it).

Rather than struggling on with an HTML editor you can use the jsEditor when you want to do the things that it does best.

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