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Introducing the E-book:

Mind Changing Techniques for keeping the change

By Ken Ward

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Description: Essential life skills in a brief accessible form. A resource to refer to again and again rather than a book to read. The absence of "puff" and "padding" makes it easy to get the techniques you need to master life.

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Table of Contents

How to master yourself and others by anchoring 5

Designer Anchors 5

Anchoring Others 6

The Magical Authority Voice 7

Can I Really Be Lucky? 9

1. Know what you want. 9

2. Let everyone know what you want! 9

3. Persist, but not for too long 9

4. Be a lifelong learner 9

5. Trust your intuition! 10

6. Believe you will succeed! 10

How To Talk So People Listen With Their Hearts 11

Motivating "towards" people 11

Use Good Feelings to Motivate "towards" people 11

Use Pain Avoidance to motivate "away-from" people 12

Pleasure AND Pain 12

The Relaxing Breath 13

When you find their magic words of influence you become irresistible! 14

How To Deal With Criticism 15

You Must Become a Cybernaut to Steer Yourself Through Life 16

How To Know Whether A Technique Worked 17

Keeping calm and relaxed whatever ... Developing the tranquil mind by calming your eyes! 18

How to Calm your Eyes 18

How to set goals - if you find the conventional techniques unusable 20

Goals - The seven easy steps to ensure that you get what you want! 21

How to motivate yourself and fix on your goal within 24 seconds! 22

Who Calls the Shots? (Really) 23

Can Analysis Cause Conflict? 23

Oneness 24

Something Inscrutable 25

Eye directions for various types of thinking 26

Laughing at it all in the Future Now! 28

Six-step Reframing 29

1. Identify the behaviour or response to be changed 29

2. Establish Communication 29

3. Separate the positive intention from the behaviour. 29

4. Generate New Behaviour 30

5. Agree to the New Choices 30

6. Ecological Check 30

Summary 30

Learn the secret of hidden emphasis - to influence unknowingly 31

Instant replay to win every time! 32

How to learn new ideas so they really make a difference 33

Copying 33

Hypnosis 33

Presuppositions 33

How to use presuppositions 34

The secret of the magic touch 35

Feel Good by Having the Universe in Your Hand! 36

Metaphors that wreck lives! 37

Is there a better metaphor? 37

Getting into Rapport Quickly - even with difficult people. 38

15 Seconds to Mirror and Match! 38

Open and Closed Questions 39

Closed Questions 39

Open Questions 39

Question Tags 39

Phobia Cure 40

The Steps in the Phobia Cure 41

How to get 100% agreement - every single time! 42

You can get 100% agreement using this technique! 43

Personal Development - What are we trying to achieve? 44

Emotional Control 44

Understanding 44

Effectiveness 44

Solve your concerns by putting them in a picture frame, and hanging them on the wall! 46

The Picture Swap Way to feel Good - as quickly as you can move an image! 47

Bored? Not me! Never! 48

Pretending your way to Mastery of Anything! 49

How to gain mastery of a new skill - Repetition, Repetition and Repetition! 50

Find the other's secret place and instantly influence them! 51

Seven Powerful Motivators - To Get Others To Do What You Want 52

Self love. Admiration. Flattery 52

Wealth. 52

Sex. 52

Desire for what other have 52

Enjoying the suffering of others. 52

Be Superior 52

To have things easy 52

Seven More Powerful Motivators 53

Agreement 53

Childish Wishes 53

To help others 53

To be mentally strong and determined 53

To be treated fairly 53

To be seen as restrained 53

To be cautious 53

Smile With Your Eyes! 54

Drawing straight lines with your mind and solving your problems! 55

How to give yourself suggestions that instantly change negative states! 56

Multiply your power with the secret of critical mass! 58

Looking Back at the Future and Solve Your Problems Now! 59

Time Travelling into the Future To Eliminate Anxiety 60

Time Travelling into the Past To Eliminate Regret 61

Something You May Be Unaware Of About Ability - Something You Should Know! 62

1. Unconscious Inability 62

2. Conscious Inability 62

3. Conscious Ability 63

4. Unconscious Ability 63

5. Unconscious Ability with Awareness 63

Learning and Performance 63

Utilisation - using what you have to attain whatever you want! 65

Who Am I? - Who Are They? 68

Achiever 68

Affiliator 68

Fighter 68

Independent 68

Perseverer 68

Exhibitionist 68

Fearful 68

Impulsive 68

Carer 68

Orderer 68

Boss 68

Sufferer 69

Researcher 69

The Qualities of Effective People 70

1. Believe there is no such thing as perfection 70

2. Believe the basic intention of life, the universe, people, etc, is relatively good 70

3. Seek only obtaining a result, a decision, or a change, not to win or lose. 71

4. Believe there is no failure or success, only feedback, knowledge 71

5. Act with integrity and honesty. 71

6. Do something else, or stop doing nothing, if things are not to their preference. 72

7. View ideas and thoughts from various viewpoints. 72

8. Have a clear idea of objectives 72

9. Believe mind and Body are part of the same system 73

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