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Suffering Contains the Seeds of Its Solution

An important cause of suffering is our view of life. This is a wrong view, a delusion, because it causes suffering. Of course, the Second Noble Truth says suffering is dependent on craving. But craving is dependent on ignorance (of the Four Noble Truths), in other words, delusion.

Now, if our view of life is delusional, how can we find a solution? Gotama said that suffering contains the seeds of its own solution. That is, within the study of suffering, we find the solution. The way to reduce and eliminate suffering is through suffering itself.

Man in Well

For example, a man falls into a well. There is no way to climb out. He is trapped in the mud, debris and water. However, he keeps calm and looks clearly at the trap. He clearly sees that he can use this mud and debris to block the outflow from the well . When he blocks its outflow, the water rises, and he floats upwards in the well to freedom. In this way, He uses the contents and the well itself to escape. In a similar way, the solution to suffering is within suffering and by using suffering we humans can escape it. The solution to the trap is the trap itself.