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What is Astrology.

clear.gif (807 bytes) Of course, almost everyone knows that astrology is the art or practice of relating events on Earth to the positions of the planets, stars, etc.

Astrology could also be defined as one method of increasing understanding through considering planetary forces, signs, etc, according to the knowledge within astrology. Astrology contains a great deal of knowledge about people and events and so it can be useful in itself as means of considering basic questions about life.

Of course, the question a lot of people ask is "Is astrology a science?" The answer to this depends on what you call a science. For example, is accountancy a science? Is engineering a science? Is management a science? Is medicine a science? If these are sciences, then so is astrology. However, it is likely that none of these are sciences and nor is astrology.

Clearly the above mentioned professions are practices, however the question is, "Are they sciences?" The obvious answer is "No."

Medicine makes a claim that it is based on science, although it is unlikely it claims that it is itself a science. Although it claims to be based on science, it is estimated that no more than 1% of its procedures have been scientifically verified.

In one's study, it was noticed that of the patients with clinically diagnosed cystitis eighty percent had an increased bacteria count in their bladders. However, twenty percent did not. In another study forty percent of men were found to have cancerous cells in their prostate glands, although forty percent of men do not develop cancer of the prostate. In a Canadian study, twenty percent of women were shown to have reduced iron in their blood, although twenty percent of women do not show clinical symptoms of iron-deficient anaemic. These results are typical of results obtained in the human and social "sciences". It is very rare to get 100% correlation between the factors being studied. Tendencies may be discovered, but absolutes are rarely found.

The point of the above is to say that most of the practical subjects which impact upon our lives are practises and not sciences. The anxiety that some astrologers have over astrology being a science is not warranted.