Astrology - Table of Contents

This is a table of contents of the pages in the astrology section. It is largely machine generated, so the individual files aren't in any particular order and it is probably out of date, because information is being added all the time. A more reliable Table of Contents for each section can be found from the menu above under Spiritual, or the sections immediately below. These are more reliable because they are created dynamically by their own navigation.

The following are the main directories in the astrology section:

Astrology General

Astrology Books
Astrology: A Different Way of Thinking
Counselling Astrology
Astrology: the origin of numbers
astrology: meaning of numbers
Viewing the Sky
Is Astrology a Science?
Astrology and Science 2: more specific comments
Astrology: the seasons
What is Astrology?
What Is This Thing Called Mathematics, Science, Medicine, Astrology...
Astrology: the Zodiac
Astrology: Strange but valid concepts
Astrology and Science 3: Astrology of Science

Astronomical Astrology

Astrology: Time
Astrology The Moon - Phases and Telling Time
Astrology: Telling the Time at Night from the Stars
Telling the time from the sun in the Northern Hemisphere using markers, or points in a room


  1. Astrology: Calculating the Chart - Greenwich Mean Time GMT
  2. Astrology Sidereal Time
  3. Astrology: Calculating Local Sidereal Time
  4. Astrology: Calculating Local Sidereal Time - Midnight Ephemeris
  5. Astrology: Calculating Local Sidereal Time - Eastern Birth
  6. Astrology: Calculating Local Sidereal Time - Southern Hemisphere Birth
  7. Astrology: Calculating the Ascendant
  8. Astrology: Calculating the MC
  9. Astrology: Calculating the Ascendant Southern Hemisphere
  10. Astrology: calculating the house cusps
  11. Astrology: Calculating the position of the planets
  12. Astrology Required Accuracy in the Birth Data
  13. Astrology: Rough Calculation
  14. Astrology: Times for calculating houses and planets - idiot's guide Part 1
  15. Astrology: Times for calculating houses and planets - idiot's guide Part 2
  16. Astrology: da Vinci (Julian Date)
  17. Astrology: Julian and Gregorian Calendars
  18. Astrology: Master Table Of Contents

Counselling Astrology

Astrology: Counselling and Therapy
Astrology: Counselling and the Four Elements
Astrology: Astrological Counselling

Learning Astrology

  1. Astrology: The Planets
  2. Astrology: the signs
  3. Summary of the Signs
  4. Astrology: The Houses
  5. Astrology: Cardinal Fixed and Mutable
  6. Astrology: Fire, Earth, Air and Water
  7. Astrology: Dynamic-Magnetic: Male Female Principle
  8. Astrology: The Planets - A Comparison of Keywords
  9. Astrology-Aspects
  10. Astrology Astrology - Planets In The Signs
  11. Astrology: The Sun In The Signs
  12. Astrology: The Moon In The Signs
  13. Astrology: Mercury In The Signs
  14. Astrology: Venus In The Signs
  15. Astrology: Mars In The Signs
  16. Astrology: Jupiter In The Signs
  17. Astrology: Saturn In The Signs
  18. Astrology: Chiron In The Signs
  19. Astrology: Uranus In The Signs
  20. Astrology: Neptune In The Signs
  21. Astrology: Pluto In The Signs
  22. Astrology Astrology - Planets In The Houses
  23. Astrology: Sun in the Houses
  24. Astrology: Moon in the Houses
  25. Astrology: Mercury in the Houses
  26. Astrology: Venus in the Houses
  27. Astrology: Mars in the Houses
  28. Astrology: Jupiter in the Houses
  29. Astrology: Saturn in the Houses
  30. Astrology: Chiron in the Houses
  31. Astrology: Uranus in the Houses
  32. Astrology: Neptune in the Houses
  33. Astrology: Pluto in the Houses
  34. Astrology Planets: Venus
  35. Astrology - Neptune Planet of Transcendence
  36. Astrology - Planets: Neptune, Modern Physics, Eastern Religious Teachers, and Depth Psychology
  37. Astrology - Derived Houses


Astrology Planets: Venus
Neptune and Physics

Sun Signs

Sun Signs
Sun Signs: Aries
Sun Signs: Taurus
Sun Signs: Gemini
Sun Signs: Cancer
Sun Signs: Leo
Sun Signs: Virgo
Sun Signs: Libra
Sun Signs: Scorpio
Sun Signs: Sagittarius
Sun Signs: Capricorn
Sun Signs: Aquarius
Sun Signs: Pisces