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Astrology: Sun Signs Virgo

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clear.gif (807 bytes) The symbol for Virgo is the virgin. It is often a symbol for someone who seeks to serve (or help) others and who does not have great ego demands on life. Virgos are detailed, analytical and critical. This means that they tend to analyse things so they can understand their parts. They are critical in the sense that critical means to evaluate. They are also synthesising in that they take the analysis or the parts and generalise it to a rule. Virgos can take a single incident and turn it into a law of nature!

Like Geminis, Sagittarians and Pisceans, Virgos are adaptable, so they can cope with awkward situations or lives, generally by getting on with their work or service. Virgos can be restless and always on the go.

Virgos, like Taureans and Capricorns, are very practical. Unlike Taureans, Virgos are not particularly concerned with personal resources, although they will help Taureans gain personal resources. They are more concerned with practical work and procedures. Unlike Capricorns, Virgos do not seek personal ambitions, and are not egotists.

The keyphrase for Virgo is "I analyse". If a Virgo is given a generality, he or she will analyse it into its parts and offer criticisms. If an Arian gives a pronouncement full of enthusiasm and passion, the Virgo will want to know where the idea came from and how it relates to the facts. Virgos will examine these in a down-to-earth manner and will think about it in a practical rather than an enthusiastic manner.

Quite clearly, Virgos are disciplined and will follow procedures precisely.

They are also perfectionists and will find it hard to know when they are finished or when they have achieved their goal. They are like the painter who never thinks his or her picture has been completed and continues to fiddle with it (probably making it worse!)

While the sign Virgo can sound like the sign of a slave or someone who works for others, and Virgos are other-centred, this isn't true. Sean Connery and Rocky Marciano are Virgos. The idea of "service" with Virgo means an attention to detail, discipline and step by step actions. These and the other Virgo qualites can be used at any level of society. Queen Elizabeth I, Prince Harry and Prince Albert are Virgos. On the other hand, Mother Theresa was a Virgo and she epitemised the idea of service to others.

When we think of Virgo we think of someone who is extremely well organised, meticulous and precise in what they do. Others might see this as being a critical perfectionist, and it may annoy some other signs. Virgos are logical and practically rational, and they are hard-working and dependable.

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While they see themselves as discerning, others might see them as dissatisfied and fussy. Other signs might view them as meek and unassuming, while they see themselves as adaptable and getting on with the practical task.

Sometimes Virgos can see themselves as helping while others see them as self martyring. Virgos tend to remain quiet while they are assimilating and understanding what others are saying.

Virgos are sometimes playful, and like to explore and investigate. They like to follow the details or follow the line of reasoning that leads to the generality.

While Virgos are unassuming and non-egotistic, they can sometimes be gossipy, nosy, and nagging. They may appear to be passive-aggressive.

Signs that lack the Virgo characteristics need to learn to discriminate, check out the details and ask pertianant questions. 

Parts of the Body

Virgo rules the abdominal region, intestines, the lower lobes of the liver, the spleen, the duodenum, and the sympathetic nervous system.