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Astrology: Sun Signs Scorpio

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Parts of the Body

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Scorpio has two symbols, the scorpion or the snake, and the eagle. In the ancient wisdom, the snake has great wisdom, even knowledge of life and death, symbolised by its sloughing off its old skin and being reborn anew. The eagle too, may be associated with the Phoenix, which dies and is born again from the ashes. Both of these symbols, the snake and the eagle, are associated with secret wisdom and knowledge of life and death.

The keyphrase for Scorpio is "I desire" and it is a sign of intensity and secrecy.

Scorpio is a fixed sign like Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. That means that Scorpios can be steadfast and strong-willed in what they do, say and think. They can maintain their position. Ex-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has her ascendant in Scorpio.

Like Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio is a water sign. Cancer symbolises the shallow water, such as that near the seashore. Pisces refers to the ocean. And Scorpio refers to the deep water of lakes and perhaps wells. Scorpio delves deep below the surface and plummets the depths. Scorpios can make good psychiatrists and psychologists, detectives and scientists.

Scorpios are believed to have piercing, hypnotic gazes and appear to see the truth hidden within the person. Such a person is almost always a Scorpio!

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Scorpios can have great power because of their understanding of other people and they can greatly influence others with this knowledge. Billy Graham, for example, is a Scorpio.

While Scorpios are often caring, nurturing and sensitive, they can sometimes be cruel. The Kray Twins and Ghengis Kahn were born when the sun was in Scorpio.

Scorpios are transformative and reforming. They can be devoted partners and followers. They are insightful because they can feel the truth hidden deep within others.

They are often psychic in that they can receive feelings from super-sensory sources.

Scorpio is sometimes called the "Sex sign" because Scorpios are deep and passionate in love.

Gifts and Lesson

Scorpios can teach other to be strong-willed and deep, and less timid and retiring.

They need to learn to control the intense passion and deep inspection, and understand how it can make others feel uncomfortable.

Parts of the Body

The bladder, the sigmoid flexure ("S" shaped section at the end of the large intestine), prostate gland, pubic bone, the haemoglobin, and the nasal bones are also under the rule of Scorpio.


Scorpios are most compatible with

  • Pisces,
  • Taurus,
  • Aries,
  • Cancer,
  • Libra,
  • Leo.

They may be incompatible with

  • Another Scorpio,
  • Geminis,
  • Sagittarians, or
  • Aquarians.