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Astrology: Sun Signs Leo

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clear.gif (807 bytes) Leo is the sign of the sun. The symbol for Leo is the lion. And Leo is a regal sign. It does not mean that all kings and queens are born under the sign of Leo, but it means that those who are so born have a regal manner. That is they like to be the centre of attention as if they were holding court. This is the sign of the actor (whether professional or in everyday life - Leo's may try to make everything they do or say impressive and creative. Winston Churchill (moon in Leo), Napoleon and Mussolini are all Leos.

Leo's, like Taurus, are extremely persevering and strong-willed. While Taurians are steadfast in matters relating to personal resources, Leo's are steadfast in matters relating to performance and procedure. While one modern image of Leo is the stage- or screen-actor, this does not mean that Leo's are stage, etc, actors or even interested in public performance. Lucille Ball, Gracie Allen, Mae West, Dustin Hoffman, Mick Jagger Madonna and Alfred Hitchcock are all Leos. It means that they behave like the archetypal actor who appears on stage bigger than life to capture the audience. Real Leos can perform in this way in any occupational group. So a top scientist might act in a Leo manner, commanding attention and taking things over.

Carl Jung, Henry Ford and Mikhail Gorbachev are Leos.

Leo's unlike Aries, are more stable or fixed in their way of behaving and in chasing their goals. Leos are really persistent. They can maintain their position whereas Arians might go off and do something else.

Leos are intuitive in the way that Arians are, that is, they can get an idea in their head and be driven by enthusiasm to do or to maintain that idea. For Leos these ideas are held and supported extremely strongly. Like Arians, Leos are passionate and direct in their communications and behaviour.

Leos are self-centred in that they judge truth and right from their own standards, but they are more other-centred than Aries. Leos will listen to the other person's point of view, even if they still go on and do their own thing.

Leos are full of life and energy and expressive.

Leos can be seen as dominating and authoritarian while they see themselves as confident and honest. They are loyal, generous and kind and can even be supportive.

They are certainly entertaining, humorous and dramatic, although others can see them as vain, exhibitionistic show-offs.

Thos who lack Leo qualities can be seen as being detached and repressed and over-submissive. They are unconscious of their appearance and the effect they have on others.

Parts of the Body

Leo rules the heart, aorta, vena cava, dorsal region of the spine and spinal cord.

Gifts and Lesson

Leos have the gift of enlightening others with their radiance, and need to learn to allow others to radiate too.