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Astrology: Sun Signs Cancer

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clear.gif (807 bytes) Cancer, like Aries, is one of the cardinal (initiating) signs. Cancers are instinctive and protective and homely people. However, in relation to whatever they class as the home, the can be very active in obtaining, establishing and maintaining the home. Henry VIII was born when the sun was in the sign of cancer, and for him, his home was probably England.

The symbol for Cancer is the crab. The crab carries it home around with it and defends anyone (or any other crab) that tries to take the home away from it. Another symbol for Cancer is the turtle. A key phrase for cancer is "I feel" and Cancer's can be moody or crabby.

Those born under the sign of Cancer, tend to be caring, nurturing and sensitive people. They are especially sensitive in relationship to the home. They are loving, caring and protective. A Cancer person may show these qualities in relation to the family and the home, or might consider his or her country or business their home and behave in these ways in relationship to their country or home.

Cancers are very supportive and good at listening and empathising with others. They are good with emotions, both their own and those of others. Cancer people are maternal and loyal and they are tenacious in manners that they feel strongly about. Cancers are psychic and responsive.

They are attached to their mothers (or nurturing parent) but also like to travel, so long as they know that their home is safe.

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Other signs may be to some degree psychic, but Cancer is psychic in the sense of having feelings or intuitions. Whereas the intuitions of Aries are fiery and enthusiastic, those of Cancer are more emotional and to do with feeling that something is right or true. To some signs it sounds strange to say, "I feel this is true", because they believe that truth isn't a feeling, but a mental understanding. However, to Cancer, it IS a feeling. In fact, almost all things in the lives of Cancer peoples are feelings (or emotions) rather than intellectual, practical or enthusiasms.

Cancers can be loyal and patriotic (when they probably FEEL their country is their home). The are also passionate and romantic, often in a sentimental way.

Cancer people can be gentle, humorous and kind.

Cancers are self-reliant and often have good memories.

To others, Cancers may appear to be passive-aggressive, panicky, hypersensitive, hysterical or projecting. Some people actually have these qualities, but often these qualities are how the cancer person appears to other signs.

Signs that lack the qualities of cancer need to learn to be more emotional, less dry, more youthful, and learn to develop rapport with children, both their own psychological inner child, and with real children in the outer world.

Parts of the Body

Cancer rules the stomach, diaphragm, the breasts. It also rules the upper lobes of the liver, thoracic duct, peristalsis, the pancreas, gastric vein, and the serum of the blood.