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Astrology: Sun Signs Aries

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clear.gif (807 bytes) If you were born when the sun was in the sign Aries, the Ram, then you are likely to be an initiator of action, a doer. You may be someone who is assertive and says what you think, or you may be someone who goes on and invents something, even if it isn't something world shattering.

You are not someone who figures things out in minute detail in advance. You have an idea come to you and you have to act on it. You are direct in what you say or do and you do things with passion or enthusiasm. Sometimes you have an overwhelming urge to do something (even if you aren't sure why you want to do it!)

You have a childlike tendency to see things from your own point of view and to express yourself as you see things in an innocent and youthful way. While some might see this as being self-absorbed or even selfish, you see it as being honest and expressing your true thoughts and feeling and doing what you think is right.

You are likely to have an abundance of energy to do what you have in mind or what is burning inside you and demanding action.

You are independent in the sense that you consider what motivates you rather than to do what others might want you to do. In what you do you are earnest and determined.

You may have a clear idea of what is right and what is wrong. You tend not to see the various shades of grey that others seem tio be involved in. For you it is clear and you must get on and do it.

You may find you are a good motivator of others. As an Arian, you don't say what you think will please, you say what you think is right and true. In this way, you can get others to follow you. Others may interpret this as being dominant and aggressive, while you see it as expressing yourself.

Some Arians can be in tune with life and seem to do things at the right time even though it appears that they are acting spontaneously and without detailed consideration and thought. You will probably have done it before you get round to thinking about it!

You have the capability to be an executive and as such you will chase your goals with enthusiasm and passion, sticking to your goal. You probably have the tendency to be discouraged, or to get bored, though. And you may leave behind you a trail of things that have been left undone. You need to be aware of this tendency and really work on maintaining and completing what you set out to do, even after the passion subsides, which it does for Arians.

Arians can be quick to anger, and equally quick to forgive.

Also as a leader you need to learn to consider how other people think about things and try to see things from their point of view. You need to work on the Libran skills - the charm and balance that comes naturally to them.

Arians are idealistic in the sense that they have a clear idea of what is right and wrong and what should be done. However, their ideals may change ...

Arians are great initiators and pioneers and anything new is fascinating to them. One image of the Arian is that they will explore new worlds and new lands, both physically, mentally and spiritually. They will go where "Angels fear to tread". It is interesting that William Shatner of Star Treck fame, was an Arian. It is interesting too that the mission statement of the Enterprise is a pure statement of Arian ideals!

In a negative way, Arians can be seen as being aggressive, cocky, dominating and intimidating. Sometimes this is true (negative Aries) but often it is the way that Aries is seen by the other signs. What is over-confident and reckless to one person can be self-assertive and bold to another.

Because Aries are guileless, they may blurt out things that they would not have said had they thought about it. And they can be upset later when they think these things over. They can be too quick to jump to conclusions, have poor judgment and stubornly refuse to face the truth. They can live in a fantasy world where the realities of life do not affect them. You see Arians see their own point of view, but have to work on seeing the point of view of others. While sticking to your guns and following your ideals is a way to achieve things, it is also a way of failing because you do not accept the feedback from others. Once again, Arians need to learn the skills of the other signs, particularly those of Libra.

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The keyword for Aries is "I am", and it is not surprising that Rene Descartes was an Arian (I think therefore I am). Arians tend to be conscious of their own entity and have a clear awareness of their own spiritual self.

Parts of the Body

Aries rules the head, the cerebral hemispheres, the upper jaw, the eyes, and the face. The nose, however, is ruled by Scorpio. The lower jaw, the occipital region and the cerebellum are ruled by Taurus.