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Astrology: Sun Signs Aquarius

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Gifts and Lessons

Parts of the Body


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The characteristics of Aquarians is that they are said to be indifferent and unconventional. "Indifferent" is a keyword that suggests they tend not to show their emotions. And Aquarians are expected to be unoconventional in some way. The keyphrase of Aquarius is "I know".

The symbol for Aquarius is sometimes thought of as the rippling waves on water, or as electromagnetic radiation. (Aquarius, like Libra and Gemini, is an air sign, and not a water sign.)

Aquarians tend to be fixed and constant in their thinking, and they are therefore strong-willed and persevering and steadfast in their beliefs, even if these beliefs are unconventional.

Aquarians tend to appear to be detached, and avoid showing their emotions. They tend to think in an abstract way, and rely on words and vision rather than on emotional sensitivity.

They like to be involved with people, and adopt an adult viewpoint. They are concerned with universal truths, or with generalities.

Aquarians are charismatic and inventive. Many inventors are under the influence of Aquarius. Charles Darwin had his sun in Aquarius as did Thomas Edison and Galileo.

Aquarians are idealistic and humanitarian. They are socially conscious, liberal and tolerant, and may be activists. They are modern and interested in all new ideas.

Aquarians can be rebellious, anarchistic and may seem bizarre. They can be fanatics. Sometimes they appear to spacey, impractical do-gooders.

Medical Aquarius: Circulation (sluggish), ankles, spasms, nervous problems & stiffness.

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Gifts and Lessons

Aquarians can teach us tolerance, objectivity and independence. They need to learn to be more practical and more sensitive.

Parts of the Body

Aquarius rules the lower limbs and ankles.


Arians are most compatible with Libra, another Aquarian, Gemini, Aries and Leo.