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Astrology: Sun Signs

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While these pages have been called sun signs, they are really about the signs. When the sun is in one of these signs, then the basic nature of the person is shown in the way of the sign.

When the moon is in one of these signs, then the instinctive reactions of the person are expressed in the way of the sign.

And similarly for the planets and the houses. For example, the sign of the Ascendant shows how the person presents themselves, and it also tells us what way of being the person is trying to achieve. The example people are usually people whose sun was in the sign, but sometimes those with the moon in the sign are included.

By understanding the signs, we can increase our ability to understand others, and we can also learn other ways of thinking and behaving. All people born into a country or an area which is rules by a given sign tend to have some of the characteristics of that sign. Also the way we are is influenced by the signs of those we are most in contact with.

Within in the signs is a great deal of the ancient wisdome and understanding so by studying the signs we can learn more about ourselves and others. By studying signs other than our own, we can learn how others may appear to think, speak and act in different ways.