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Silly Stories (Strange but valid concepts).

clear.gif (807 bytes) These aren't jokes: they are completely irrational stories which are meaningful to others. There is little rhyme or reason to them, but they don't seem unusual. This isn't meant to be clever or entertaining. It is just an attempt to share some odd concepts, perhaps suggesting that everything that is sensible isn't necessarily rational:-)

The Christian Democrat Smile


At one time we were seeing pictures on the television of German Christian Democrats. They seemed to be women with blond hair and all looked in some way alike.


Told to me by a professor of philosophy. A driver was asked to pick up a woman at the airport. "What does she look like?" he asked.

"She has a Christian Democrat smile."

The driver drove to the airport and identified her easily.


This story makes no sense to a rational person, but it is meaningful What kind of description is "She has a Christian Democrat smile"?

Nonetheless, it worked and seems meaningful to many people. Perhaps we could all have recognised her.

The Viking

This is like the other story. No background needed.


A man was asked to go to the airport and pick up a man from Norway. "What does she look like?" he asked.

"He looks like a Viking."

The man identified him easily.


As with the previous one, there is no reason to this (He didn't have a beard, carry an axe, or have a horned helmet!) Yet he was instantly recognisable.