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Astrology: Meaning of Numbers, and their relationship with the astrological aspects

clear.gif (807 bytes) While there is nothingness, there is no thing. But the instant that nothingness is conceived or contemplated, then, as we saw before, there is the concept of one. And from here, all the numbers arise.

The first number is zero, the egg-shaped number that represents nothing and everything. It is the sumbol for the universe.

The number two represents duality. It is a consequence of perception. In order to perceive there must be a perceiver and something to perceive. With two we have the dichotomies and the origin of conflict.

To perceive a white square, we need to have a background of a different colour. A white square on a white background is nothing! In order to perceive, we need two and really, because there is a perceiver, we need three. Two can be considered as three suppressed. We say we need two things to be in contrast, but we need a hidden three for the perceiver.

Two, as the number of conflict appears to be the basic cause of all our problems. In astrology, the opposition occurs when one planet is opposite another, or 180 from another. This is the whole circle, 360 divided by two, the number of opposition.

The number three is the number of harmony. It is the number for concepts and ideas. The being can see two things, which is a conflict, but when a third appears, then the being can see a harmony or middle point between the conflicts. The three is the number for concepts. In geometry, a figure with three sides is a triangle, and it is the first two-dimensional figure that encloses a space. In astrology, the harmonious aspect, the trine occurs when two planets are separated by 120, which is the whole circle, divided by three.

The number four is the number of the universe. It is the first non-prime number. A prime number is a number that cannot be expressed as the product of other numbers, excluding one. All numbers can be expressed as the product of that number and one. Prime numbers cannot be expressed otherwise. Two can only be expressed as 2x1, and three can only be expressed as 3x1. But four is the first non-prime number because it can be expressed as 2x2. The number four is therefore a higher harmonic of the number two, the number of dichotomy. The first three-dimensional figure (that is, one that encloses three-dimensional space) is the tetrahedron, which is made by joining four points (one of them must be outside the plane of the other three).

tetra.jpg (1593 bytes)The figure on the left is a tetrahedron (or four-sided figure). It is composed of triangles. There are four triangles which make the basic three-dimensional figure.

In astrology, the square relationship between two planets occurs when they are separated by 90, which is the whole circle divided by four, and it indicates a conflict.