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Astrology: Astrological Counselling.

clear.gif (807 bytes) Astrological counselling is counselling that uses the knowledge base of astrology to help people to develop, understand themselves and deal with problems in their lives. It differs from counselling astrology (if it differs) in the following way. The astrological counsellor is a counsellor or uses counselling skills. A counselling astrologer is an astrologer who uses counselling skills. The difference is one of emphasis.

Traditionally, astrologers are "directive" counsellors (just as, for example, doctors are directive counsellors). That is, the astrologer interprets the chart and gives the interpretations to the client, who goes away to consider these things. Of course, many astrologers never simply gave their professional opinion on the chart. Often they used non-directive and other kinds of counselling.

However, the astrological counsellor (who is usually an astrologer and trained counsellor) listens very carefully to the client and does not try to impose their interpretations on the client, but listens to the client.

There is a vast database of knowledge of the mind in astrology and this can stand alone apart from guidance that may be given from the chart and its progressions, transits, etc.

For example, a client may be adaptable and versatile and an agreeable communicator. Particularly interested in finding the right words, and their definitions. Using astrological knowledge, the counsellor may consider that the client might have issues involving freedom (non-attachment). The Gemini individual may need to address the spirit of things rather than to become involved in, for example, superficial verbalisations. The astrological counsellor may consider such information from his or her knowledge of astrology and use this information to frame appropriate questions to expand the client's awareness.

The astrological counsellor could do this without ever mentioning astrology or looking at a birth chart. The point here is not, of course, that the astrological counsellor does not need to cast a chart, etc. The point is that the knowledge of astrology about types of people and issues in their lives can stand alone. A counsellor does not need to burden a client with astrological jargon. He or she can use this knowledge to frame questions and assist the client in their exploration of their lives.

As a side issue ...

There are, probably, no scientific systems of therapy. All use unproven theories. In this respect, astrological counselling is just as good from the point of view of science as any other system of counselling. It is not "science" that makes counselling work or be helpful. It is rather the process of a counsellor interacting with a client and the philosophical system that gives meaning to the client's life