Astrology: The Planets

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The Planets

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When we think of the sun as the centre of the solar system, then we do not think of the sun as a planet. However, when we view the universe from the Earth, we do consider the sun and the moon as planets.

The forces, which can be symbolised as planets, can be considered from their psychological aspects. For example, the sun can be thought of as representing our tendency to integrate the other aspects of our personality. This is really the same as saying that the sun brings wholeness to our lives.

On this page:

Planetary Actions As Verbs

The planetary actions are verbs. However, I have not always shown them as verbs. For instance, for Mars:

  • action
  • initiation
  • energy

These should be interpreted, in general as "to act or to be acted upon", "to initiate or to be caused to initiate", and "to energise or to receive energy". Writing half the verb form might imply that the action is always positive (or negative). In the case of Mars, the verb form may be more often an imperative: "Act!", "Start it now!" and "Power up!" The planetary forces are always positive, although the person whose chart is being considered may be actively using the force or the effect of it.

The planets always act positively, they act in terms of what is, rather than what isn't, whether good or bad. They are also active, as opposed to passive. So sometimes Mars is "I do it now!", and Mercury is "I think". However, when they act through a person, they may also act indirectly or compulsively. So instead of:

  • "You charge into things without thinking or feeling."

We may have:

  • "You feel compelled to charge into things."
  • "Other people charge into your life."
  • "Unknown feelings cause you to charge into things without thinking of the consequences"

The planetary force is always positive and active, but it can manifest in many ways, passively, compulsively, etc.

Sometimes the planetary forces are better stated without using a verb at all. For instance:

  • "Action is a keynote of your life"

Obviously, there is no action without an actor or mechanism that acts. So the verb (act) is hidden within action as are the actors or mechanisms ("You act, it acts, etc")

In conclusion, the planets are always active and direct, but they may not manifest like this in a person's life and the language used to represent the planets may not be verbs, but contain hidden or implied verbs.

Summary Of Keywords

Before we continue, I will give a suggested list of keywords for the "planets":

  Planet   Keyword   Planet   Keyword
1 Sun sunS.bmp (4982 bytes) Integrate 6 Jupiter jupiterS.bmp (4870 bytes) Expand
2 Moon moonS.bmp (3974 bytes) React to 7 Saturn saturnS.bmp (4982 bytes) Control
3 Mercury mercuryS.bmp (4454 bytes) Communicate 8 Uranus uranusS.bmp (4198 bytes) Deviate
4 Venus venusS.bmp (4982 bytes) Harmonise 9 Neptune neptuneS.bmp (2342 bytes) Refine
5 Mars marsS.bmp (4982 bytes) Assert 10 Pluto pluto1S.bmp (4646 bytes)

pluto2S.bmp (5094 bytes)

  Moon's North Node moonNorthNode.gif (1000 Byte) Destiny   Moon's South Node moonSouthNode.gif (998 Byte) Karma
  Part of Fortune partOfFortune.gif (1482 Byte) Luck        

Planetary Associations

Planet   Basic       Positive/ Negative Keyphrase Note
Sun sunS.bmp (4982 bytes) I integrate To make whole. Manage or control.
I am ... (basic nature)
I am known..
I am important
I vitalise
I maintain Positive: nobly and generously

Negative: Egoistically

Planet of Self (Central Planet)
Moon moonS.bmp (3974 bytes) I react To act because of... I respond (to emotions)
I regulate rhythmically.
I change rhythmically Positive: sympathetically (in synch)

Negative: moodily (out of synch)

Planet of Needs and Feelings
Mercury mercuryS.bmp (4454 bytes) I communicate Exchange ideas I think
I tell
I bring the new Positive: precisely

Negative: variously


Planet of Mind
Venus venusS.bmp (4982 bytes) I harmonise Mark as different, to value I love
I harmonise
I join
I create (beauty, art)
I want
I maintain harmony Positive: fairly

Negative: greedily

Planet of Pleasure and Luxury
Mars marsS.bmp (4982 bytes) I assert Express positively, to fight for (beliefs) I make (something happen)
I destroy the enemy and fight for justice Positive: energetically

Negative: violently

Planet of physical energy, Planet of Action
Jupiter jupiterS.bmp (4870 bytes) I expand   I mature (develop people fully:  bodily, intellectually, spiritually, culturally, materially -  wealth, power, and status. ).
I go to discover and  understand.
I develop the old into the new Positive: optimistically

Negative: extravagantly


Planet of Expansion
Saturn saturnS.bmp (4982 bytes) I control To activate, change and stop things I build.
I discipline.
I regulate.
I maintain stability Positive: constructively

Negative: to punish

Planet of Time, Discipline, Responsibilities and Hard Work
Uranus uranusS.bmp (4198 bytes) I deviate To be out of line with. freedom and responsibility. I change
I convert from within (without destroying)
I awaken.
I create the new (alongside the old) Positive: inventively

Negative: unconventionally

The Planet of Revolution. Bring about something new, often drastically change
Neptune neptuneS.bmp (2342 bytes) I refine Extract the essence
Detect what is behind things.
I dream
I create, reveal,  new worlds (non-physical) Positive: idealistically

Negative: to escape

The Planet of Illusion
Pluto pluto1S.bmp (4646 bytes)

pluto2S.bmp (5094 bytes)

I transform To change into a different form, substance, or state. Thoroughly change. I regenerate
I eliminate
I destroy the existing Positive: constructively

Negative: destructively

Planet of Transformation

Things Governed By The Planets

Planet   Basic Qualities Objects
Sun sunS.bmp (4982 bytes) I integrate Self, will, energy and power, basic self-belief , stamina affection, ambition, authority, burning, children, citrus fruits, coins, constitution, courage, creativity, dignity, domineering, ego, emperors, energy, extravagance, fame, father, fiery, fire, gambling, generosity, gold, haughty, health, honour, hot, husband, identity, individuality, jewellery, joy, laughter, life, light, lions, magnanimity, nobility, ostentation, orange, passion, peacocks, pomp, popularity, positive, power, pride, prosperity, purpose, royalty, simplicity, spine, spirit, spotlights, stardom, strength, Sunday, superiors, vitality, warmth, will, yellow
Moon moonS.bmp (3974 bytes) I react change, dreaming, emotions, fretfulness, frivolity, habits and emotions personality, imagination, incorrect impressions., indecision, instinctual mind, personal magnetism.negativity, procrastination, psychic qualities, unconscious mind, vacillation, visionary agriculture, changes, childbirth, community, dairies, emotions, families, fecundity, feelings, fermentation, fluctuation, fluids, general public opinions, health, insanity, instinct, intuition, mariners, maternity, Monday, moods, mother, nursing, oats, plumbers, public, reproduction, response, silver, tears, the common people, the people, water, women, women
Mercury mercuryS.bmp (4454 bytes) I communicate hands, ideas, information, intellect,communication mental outlook, intellectual endeavours, manual dexterity, mechanical skills, methods, mind, mode of thinking and communication air travel, authors, bargaining, books, clerks, clothing, commerce, computers, dealing, documents, editors, history, hygiene, intellect, language, lectures, logic, mercury (metal), messages, mind advertising, nerves, post, respiration, signals, talking, telephones, trade, transport, transportation, typewriters, Wednesday, wind, wit, writing, youth
Venus venusS.bmp (4982 bytes) I harmonise aesthetic tastes, feelings, female values, higher emotions and artistic sensibility social attitudes and behaviour, love amusement, art, beauty, boudoirs, brass, confectionery, dance, desire, dimples, doves, emeralds, entertainment, fashion, femininity, flowers, grapes, humour, immorality, intimacy, justice, lingerie, love, marriage, marriage, money, music, partnership, partnerships, pleasure Adornment, relationships,social interactions ,romance, relaxation, sexual intercourse, social centres, societies, style, women
Mars marsS.bmp (4982 bytes) I assert energy, passion, drive, determination action and the expression of will through activity armour, armies, blood, butchers, cars, controversy, disease, drive, energy, engineering, executives, garlic, guns, heat, heroes, incense, inflammations, iron, knives, locks, murder, passion, penetration, pipes, pirates, radiators, razors, sarcasm, stamina, sport, surgery, tobacco, virility, war, wrestlers
Jupiter jupiterS.bmp (4870 bytes) I expand The abstract mind,  higher learning   exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually. Ideology expansion, growth and co-operation

amplification, big, capitalism, celebrations, college, courts of law, doctors, expansion, feet, foreign countries furry animals, glory, gluttony, grand, humour, joviality, large, law, legality, luck, ceremonial magic, merchandise, merit, millionaires, monasteries, optimism, orthodoxy, over-indulgence, philanthropy, philosophy, preachers, prestige, professors, profit, pulpits, religion, science, ships, splendour, success, thighs, tin, Thursday, travel, truth, wisdom, religion, priests, The Law, courts and justice, aristocracy, publishing, overseas travel

Saturn saturnS.bmp (4982 bytes) I control structure, limitation, experience and discipline

Agriculture, archaeology, architecture, bones, cattle, civil service, death, domination, fatigue, history, land, leather, minerals, monogamy, monotony, obstacles, old age, perseverance, restriction, Saturday, self control, time, twilight, underground, widows, yesterdays. Old Father Time, Traditions, history, stability, authority, order, mines, death

Uranus uranusS.bmp (4198 bytes) I deviate innovation, nonconformity, higher intuition and inspiration perverse,

Attraction, break-ups, chaos, disruption, divorce, earthquakes, eccentric, exciting, fanatical, freedom, major change, outrageous, quirky, rebellious, revolutionary, shocks, sudden, surprises, unconventional, unprecedented, unpredictable, unusual,  changes, revolutions, anarchy, innovations, technology, earthquakes

Neptune neptuneS.bmp (2342 bytes) I refine transcendence, higher faculties, psychic abilities, sensitivity

Alcohol, art, confusion, cynicism, deception, deep, disguise, disillusionment, dissolving, dreams, drink, drugs, escapism, fraud, ideas, imagination, instability, music, mystery, mysticism, oceans, poisoning, sea, smoke-screen, socialism, softness, transcendence, veil, water, yearnings, reform, ideals, trends, art

Pluto pluto1S.bmp (4646 bytes)

pluto2S.bmp (5094 bytes)

I transform deep, impersonal energies and transforming forces, intense, obstinate, obsession, penetrating, persistent, power, secretive

Communism, compulsive, crime, darkness, death, deep, hidden, magic, mystery, nuclear energy, occult, orgasm, paranoid, profundity, psychology, rebirth, recycle, reform, renewal, reproduction, revolutionary, self-transforming therapies, healing, sex, subconscious, taboo, transformation, unconscious, underneath, undermining, underworld, volcanoes, the underworld, detectives, disruption, decline, regeneration


If you are following my scheme, then I suggest that you very carefully check the meanings in a dictionary of these and other keywords. You should be able to define all the words used. The plan is that you understand the keywords and you use your knowledge of them to, at first, understand what others have written in astrology about the planets, signs, houses, etc and understand what is written in terms of the keywords. That is, when reading what others have written, you know why they have written what they have written. Later, you will develop the skills of making sense of the keywords in interpreting astrological information.

One way you may do this is to read what astrologers have written about the planets and read what they say with the keywords in mind. Ask yourself, "Why did he/she write that?", as you read.

When you have studied the keywords for the ten planets, and the keywords for the 12 signs, by checking the meaning of each word in a dictionary and being able to clearly define the word. And you have similarly checked synonyms and developed the concept for each planet, each house and each sign, you will find that you can intuitively, instinctively, logically or through common sense understand the elements in a chart.

Depending on your own chart, you may find you are in some way energised by the items and seem to produce an interpretation immediately without thinking. Otherwise, you might find you rise above the mundane of the chart to intuitively understand what it means; you may feel the meaning of the chart. Or you might go through a thought process in which you reason out what the chart means. Or, again, you might use a practical understanding of how items in the chart lead in a common sense way to the interpretation. The way each of use learn about astrology depends on our natural way of learning.

Although the keywords give a good understanding of astrology in general, they are not the be and end all of astrology. Some positions, combinations (aspects) have a special meaning derived from research and experience. These may have some relationship to the generalities of the keywords, but they are often more specific. The keywords are a good start in learning astrology, but they are, only a start. (Lecture over:-)

Meaning of the keywords

This section is about the meaning of the keywords for the planets, and this is different from dealing with the meaning of the planets. Here we expand on the meanings of the keywords. If you are using different keywords, then you might choose to follow these pages in principle.

Whatever you do, ensure that you really know the meanings of the keywords and use a dictionary often to get the definitions in your mind.

The Sun sunS.jpg (955 Byte) (to integrate)

The Central Planet

  • rulership
  • creation
  • vitality
  • impress

The keyword for the sun is "integrate". Integrate means to make whole, or to bring together. When we rule, we bring together the people under one authority (us). When we create, we bring together different things into a new whole. This implies that we express ourselves in some way (reveal to the world). And when we vitalise, we make strong and healthy (whole). These all add up to making an impression.

The sun is closely related to the heart or centre of things. This leads us to the "royal" aspect of the sun. The sun represents, therefore, power. The sun is also related to vitality, and therefore health. All of these meanings can be traced back to the keyword "integrate". The position of the sun in a chart shows how the person integrates themselves and consequently their world.

The Sun indicates what we ought to do to attain our life-purpose.

The sun rules Leo.

The sun is also associated with the "Will". When we have integrated the supportive and disruptive elements of our personality, then we have a strong "Will".

The Moon moonS.jpg (973 Byte) (to react to)

The Planet Of Needs And Feelings

  • feelings
  • reflection
  • change (rhythmical), fluctuation
  • take in
  • need

The keyword for the Moon is "react to". The sun is the source of light and energy in our solar system, and the moon reflects this light (as do the other planets, but less so than the Moon). Reflecting implies emotions, sympathy and feelings, and showing others we understand. Understand here refers sympathy rather than understanding the universe (Jupiter), or understanding a mathematical formula (Mercury). The feelings associated with the moon are mainly those of sympathy, or even feelings about the past. Venus, too relates to feelings, which are those of pleasure and they are personally based. The moon "takes in" or receives the light of the sun.

Reflecting also symbolises the idea of acting in response to something else, rather than by being the cause ourselves. This gives us the clue that the moon is concerned with our inbuilt responses to things, and suggests the importance of our past experience and habits and learning in how we do things. How we react depends on our past learning and on our past experiences. We react without thinking, and we do what we have been trained to do, either through education or through traumatic experiences. The type of learning associated with the moon is unconscious and refers to early learning and upbringing over which we had little choice or awareness. Basic and instinctive responses are related to survival and thus to our needs.

The Moon is concerned with memory, imagination and dreams. The Moon tends to give a good memory, and imaginative ability. It also brings regular dreams, and dreams such as longings and sentimental desires. While Uranus may be concerned with intellectual dreams of a better more humanitarian future, the Moon's dreams are more emotionally based.

The Moon rules Cancer.

The moon is also associated with security, because our automatic reactions are often related to survival and hence security.

The House and Sign where the Moon is found is where we feel most comfortable, and indicates what we do to feel good, or what we do habitually ... what we need to do. Contrasted with the sun, which indicates what we should do to attain our life purpose, and with Saturn which indicates what we must do.

The Moon is feminine and governs growth and decay, as it governs the ebbing and flowing of the tides. And as it shows in its waxing and waning and in its periodic action. The moons natural sign is Cancer, and its natural house is the fourth. Its keyword "react to" implies change, and change in relation to other events.

Mercury mercuryS.jpg (984 Byte) (to communicate)

The Planet Of Mind

  • speech
  • thought
  • short journeys
  • inquiry

The symbol for Mercury represents the caduceus, the staff with the two serpents, indicating the solution to the riddle of life. Another meaning is the crescent of receptivity (the moon) is above the circle of spirit, which is above the cross of matter.

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo.

The keyword for Mercury is "communicate". We often communicate using language, and we use words to communicate. Language implies reason and reasoning, because to be rational we need to reason.

Mercury is concerned with transport and journeys (types of communication), particularly short journeys. It is also associated with mentality and intellect. Mercury seeks to understand (know) by inquiry: questioning and analysing (It is, after all, the ruler of Virgo!)

Mercury is also related to the nervous system, because the nerves are the communication system of the body. It is therefore associated with co-ordination, both physically and mentally.

Venus venusS.jpg (952 Byte) (to harmonise)

The Planet Of Pleasure And Luxury

  • liking (enjoy, link)
  • evaluation
  • attraction
  • joining together

The symbol for Venus is often taken as a hand-mirror, which seems appropriate here. The circle can represent the sun or spirit above the cross of matter, indicating the spirit (or even self) is above the material. Differing from the symbol for Mercury by lacking the crescent (or mind), indicates that Venus uses taste and feelings to evaluate.

Venus rules Taurus and Libra.

The keyword for Venus is "harmonise". Venus is concerned with attraction and repulsion, beauty, pleasure, comfort and luxury. Beauty is often synonymous with harmony, while ugliness is associated with disharmony. When we are in harmony with someone, we are attracted to them, we like them (or love them). Harmony also suggests balance.

Venus indicates where we get our pleasures. The keyword "to like" is worthy of closer examination. When "we like" someone or something, it means we have good feelings about them, and we are attracted by them. When we are like someone or something, it means we similar in some respects. The keyword to like is meant to imply both pleasure and relating; that is liking things (pleasure) and noticing how one thing is like another (similarity). This includes the idea of joining together or uniting with someone or something.

Venus is creative in the sense that it brings forth beauty. It also, like the Sun, expresses itself (seeking admiration) or impresses.

Venus is the goddess of love, and people under Venus are often magnetic and extremely attractive, sometimes in the physical sense and sometimes in the mental sense. Wealth, love, comfort and pleasure - are associated with Venus.

What we are attracted to, or what we consider beautiful is usually what we value.

If Mars is the God of War then Venus is the Goddess of Peace, or at least of Non-War. Venus will tend to harmonise people and fight against injustice. Whilst Uranus might seek to make all people brothers and sisters, Venus is more limited in her peace making. When Venus seeks to unite, she seeks to unite interpersonally; she doesn't seek to unite the whole world.

Mars marsS.jpg (961 Byte) (to assert)

The Planet Of Physical Energy. The Planet Of Action

  • action
  • initiation
  • energy
  • division

The symbol is Mars' shield and spear. It can be considered to be the circle of spirit directing its force outwards. The arrow can be thought of as a distorted cross of matter, indicating that the material is important to Mars.

Mars rules Aries and, traditionally, Scorpio.

Mars is the god of war. He is the assertive military man who acts rather than thinks. The keyword for Mars is "assert", which means to act boldly or forcefully. Mars is the planet of energy and it is sometimes referred to as aggressive. In some cases, Mars can be aggressive in the physical sense, but the force is also related to active and assertive thinking, feeling and acting. Acting before thinking or feeling or considering what is expedient. While Venus seeks to unite, Mars seeks to divide or separate. The sign Mars is in shows us how we are active.

Jupiter jupiterS.jpg (889 Byte) (to expand)

The Planet Of Expansion

  • generalisation and abstraction
  • truth seeking
  • benevolence

The crescent of the Moon, receptivity is above the cross of matter. Our nature is raised above the material to higher levels. Jupiter represents higher education while Mercury is concerned with lower-level education). The crescent of the receptive is directly above the material, without the intervention of the self or the spirit.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and, traditionally, Pisces.

The Jupiter force has the keyword "expand", and this force expands the mind, body and the environment. Jupiter was king of the gods, and all the others had to obey him. Another name is Jove, which suggests jovial, a quality produced by the planetary force Jupiter. When we wish to expand our minds, we seek higher education and may travel to distant places, to learn more, to expand our experiences and seek the truth. We would study philosophy. Jupiter is therefore concerned with the big picture, or with generalisation and abstraction. We tend to think we can expand when we feel safe and secure, and we are optimistic about the future. If we are optimistic, we might tend to invest in stocks and shares and even gamble, because we feel lucky.

Saturn saturnS.jpg (930 Byte) (to control)

Planet of Time, Discipline, Responsibilities and Hard Work

  • limitation
  • discipline
  • responsibility
  • rejection
  • must do

The symbol for Saturn is the inverted Jupiter sign. With Saturn the crescent of the moon is below, or subjugated to matter. This also means practical.

The keyword for Saturn is control. It means the tendency to limit, discipline and give responsibility. The young person, as he or she grows older has to take on responsibilities and give up his or her youthful ways. Saturn can reject and expel. Saturn is referred to by old astrologers as a malefic, a planet that brings ill fortune. This is neither right nor wrong.

Saturn does indicate areas where we have been deprived, and where our deepest fears lie. It is a sad fact that what we most want or need, is what we cannot accept or what we fearfully reject. It therefore indicates what we must do in order to avoid problems.

Saturn's Greek name is Cronos (Kronos), Old Father Time. Saturn ruled the world until he was overthrown by his son, Zeus, (Jupiter). His time had come and he had run out of time. Saturn particularly rules our subjective time.

Saturn rules Capricorn.

Because Saturn expresses control, it can also mean holding back or delay. It can produce a shortage of time, or too much time.

Jupiter, the Greek god, expanded out of the control of Saturn and became the ruler of the Olympians.

Chiron chiron.gif (1209 Byte) (to bring out the fullest potential)

The Wounded Healer (The Great Teacher)

  • to teach
  • to unlock
  • to find what is essential
  • to reconcile opposites (shaman)
  • to heal holistically

The expert on Chiron astrologically is Zane Stein.

Chiron is not a planet, but an asteroid or a comet. It was discovered on 1 November, 1977 by Charles Kowel.

In the symbol, we see the circle of spirit is below the cross of matter, indicating that the spirit can transform ideas, etc into practical workable form (like Saturn). The symbol is asymmetrical: the right hand can be thought of as half of an "X", with the left hand bit missing. The cross of matter isn't whole, and it lacks the other half, or opposite part. The circle of spirit is a bit squashed so it is somewhat unconventional. Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus, crossing the orbit of Saturn regularly, and that of Uranus occasionally, and its symbol seems to contain part of the essence of each of these. Saturn brings about an awareness of problems and Uranus brings insight for their solution.

Chiron was an immortal centaur, half man, half horse. Unlike the other centaurs, who were unintelligent and brutish, Chiron was intelligent and kind. He taught many Greek heroes the arts of music, war, poetry, surgery, astrology, healing, etc. He had the gift of guiding his pupils to uncover their highest potential and to discover their destiny. Chiron's pupils were the heroes, who gained famed, yet Chiron was always a support-character, and never great himself. He epitomised the saying, "It is a poor teacher who is not excelled by their students". Essentially, Chiron was a great teacher who brought out the fullest potential in his students, so they greatly excelled him in ability.

One day he suffered a poisonous wound. Because he was immortal, he could not die and lived in terrible pain and suffering. He did a deal with the gods, offering his life (and freedom from pain) for the release of Prometheus, who was imprisoned by the gods for giving man the gift of fire, and therefore betraying their secrets. Chiron was immortalised by the gods in the constellation Sagittarius. .

The suggested keyphrases are "to bring out the fullest potential", and "to heal holistically". Heal is used generally here to refer not only to healing bodies, or even healing minds, but also to such things as healing lives, groups, societies, environments, etc. The kind of healing which Chiron does is shamanistic. That is, the shaman goes to the depths of the underworld to reclaim the lost soul, or healing is done through re-experiencing the pain and bringing the whole together in holistic healing. Another way of saying this is to heal through bringing into conscious awareness (that is uniting the unconscious problem with the conscious mind). The glyph for Chiron has half of its cross of matter missing, symbolising the broken state which is healed through finding and re-uniting the missing part. The keyphrase, "to bring out the fullest potential " is similar to healing holistically, in that we seek our fullest potential through finding that which is lost and uniting it with its other half.

Another way of saying this is that Chiron could help his students find what was needed, or what was missing in order to attain greatness.

Chiron is essential concerned with problems. Problems are largely dilemmas. In other words, a problem is one thing opposing another. For instance, you want to care for your family. You could do with more money. It seems the only way to get more money is to work all hours. If you work all hours, then you won't be with your family very much, which means less caring by being with them. therefore the problem: wanting to care for the family by providing more things, but by doing so you are with them less.

Chiron sometimes does this through exposing, or revealing something hidden so it can be dealt with (sometimes bringing about some generally small pain and suffering on the way to resolution). What is revealed is sometimes an evil in society which is shown so it can be inspected and handled.

Chiron differs from Uranus in that Chiron isn't a rebel as such, but a maverick. That is, someone who goes his own way independently, not rebelling against something because it is conventional, as Uranus does, nor being slavishly conventional, like Saturn.

Chiron. like Saturn, is said to control subjective time.

Uranus uranusS.jpg (1005 Byte) (to deviate)

The Planet Of Revolution

  • invention
  • inspiration
  • freedom
  • awaken

Other glyphs: uranus2s.jpg (1227 Byte)

The symbol for Uranus,uranusS.jpg (1005 Byte) , appears to be two crescents pointing in opposite directions. The cross of matter is equal with the higher spirit. The cross and the lower circle are the symbol for Venus inverted. The two semicircle-circles could be a split circle, or spirit. Originally, it was just an "H", for Sir William Herschel, who discovered it on 13 March, 1781.

Uranus rules, or is the co-ruler of Aquarius (with Saturn). It is the first of the modern planets to be discovered. It is considered a higher octave of Mercury.

The keyword for Uranus is "deviate". This can sometimes mean drastic change from one thing to another. In another way, it can mean originality and invention.

Uranus is called the Planet Of Revolution, and its purpose is to bring about freedom, independence and remove restraints. Uranus can awaken us from our mental slumbers and liberate us.

Uranus governs electricity and astrology,

Uranus was the sky-god whose wife was Gaea, the Earth. He was eventually killed by his son, Cronos (or Saturn).

Neptune neptuneS.jpg (1267 Byte) (to refine)

The Planet Of Transcendence

  • transcendence
  • delusion
  • mystery
  • capitulation
  • dissolution

Other glyphs: neptune3s.jpg (1257 Byte)

Traditionally, the glyph is Neptune's trident, neptuneS.jpg (1267 Byte). The crescent of spirit is above the cross of matter.

Neptune was discovered in 1846 as a result of the computations of the French astronomer, Urbain Leverrier.

It is considered a higher octave of Venus.

Neptune has the keyword "refine". By refining, we raise something to a higher degree and this can mean idealism or illusion. Neptune is a force that transcends the physical world, and is associated with religion and belief. In Greek mythology, Neptune was the god of the sea. When our minds turn to the refined and unworldly, we can sometimes be deceived. We move into the unreal and the unprovable. Neptune rules film, where flickering lights create the illusion of reality. It also rules conjuring and similar arts of deception and mystery. Neptune is also concerned with the glorious sacrifice: giving up the self for the sake of religion or ideology (capitulation). This can mean the same as non-resistance, as in judo and similar martial arts from the East.

The Greek God, Neputune, was god of the oceans. He was also a shape-shifter: he could change his own form and that of others.

Neptune is also associated with dodging and weaving, escaping from traps and being hard to catch. It is hard to pin a Neptune person down because barriers dissolve or do not exist, and non-resistance causes strong force to dissipate

Neptune can dissolve anything, and the self can be dissolved into the infinite. Also Neptune can dissolve barriers, so far more can be achieved in an area than any rational person might expect to be possible. Neptune dissolves problems, barriers, conventions, impossibilities, etc..

Neptune is associated with alcohol and drugs.

Neptune rules, or is the co-ruler (with Jupiter) of Pisces.

Neptune is also associated with nebulousness, illumination and impressionability.

Pluto pluto1S.jpg (868 Byte) (to transform)

The Planet Of Transformation

  • eliminate
  • regenerate
  • purge
  • redeem

Other glyphs: pluto3S.jpg (1209 Byte), pluto2S.jpg (916 Byte)

The normal symbol for Pluto is pluto1S.jpg (868 Byte). This one,pluto2S.jpg (916 Byte). is the initials of Pluto's discover, Percival Lowell, who discovered it in 1930.

The glyph for Pluto, pluto1S.jpg (868 Byte), shows the circle of the spirit (the sun) within and above the crescent of receptivity, which is above the cross of matter.

It is considered a higher octave of Mars.

The keyword for Pluto is "transformation". Pluto was the god of the underworld, ruling over the dead. While the god, Pluto, was not a god of death, which was determined by the Fates, he was concerned with the transition from life to death. The planet Pluto, however is associated with death, mainly as a transformation from life, in one form, to death, or rebirth, in another form. Life and death can be considered a transformation from one state to the other. "Life and death" should be taken as an allusion to a process whereby something is completely destroyed and is transformed into something new and usually better.

This is made clearer by another keyword for Pluto, to regenerate, that is, create anew, in a better way. This can mean changing from being an unethical person to an ethical person, as in spiritual regeneration.

Pluto the planet is associated with hidden and secret things, often deeply buried, perhaps in the mind. It is associated with psychoanalysis and similar deep therapies. It is also associated with atomic energy, which often involves the transformation of one element to another, with the release of vast amounts of energy. Pluto, like the atom, tightly holds onto its secret energy, but when it is released, it occurs suddenly, unexpectedly and powerfully. Not surprisingly, Pluto is associated with sex and the orgasm. The sudden explosion of energy naturally associates Pluto with aggression, passion and conflict.

To understand the secret matters which Pluto is concerned with, we need to remember that, for instance, much of science deals with uncovering secrets of nature. As Pluto is associated with life and death, some of these secrets refer to understanding how to create life and transmute events in the biological cell. It is also concerned with life prolongation (death).

Of course, Pluto's secrets are also secrets of the mind. Areas where we might have hidden shame or guilt, the skeleton in the cupboard. But really these are areas that we cannot own or have because they are considered bad or they are considered too good. We hide both the saint and the sinner within us. When Pluto digs up any of these, it causes serious conscious conflict, and the good may horrify us more than the bad! The personal secrets also include areas of possibility and potential that we dare not even dream about (except symbolically). Normally, such areas are only made manifest when we are ready to receive them and to transform. Pluto also gives us this ability.

In a natal chart Pluto indicates how a person will cut through the veneer and get down to life or death, sex and survival matters. The expression, "cut the crap" is Plutonic because Pluto is concerned with elimination and cutting through to the cause or basis.

Pluto is considered by astrologers to be neither good nor bad. For instance, where the keyword "annihilation" is used, it is probably only half the truth. Pluto does destroy the old, but it does so to create the new, and the better new (regenerate).

Some more keywords related to Pluto are: elimination, purification, exposure, intensity and extremes.

Pluto rules over the basic conflict between spiritual development and worldly living. While Uranus will change the old into the new, Pluto will destroy the old to make room for the new.

Pluto is the ruler, or co-ruler (with Mars), of Scorpio.

Moon's North Node moonNorthNode.gif (1000 Byte)

The Moon's North Node indicates the direction, area and manner in which the being seeks his or her destiny.

Moon's South Node moonSouthNode.gif (998 Byte)

Indicates the resources and gifts the being brought into this world, which could be used to achieve his or her destiny.

Part of Fortune partOfFortune.gif (1482 Byte)

Indicates those areas where things will come very easily; where the Being is lucky.

Time Spent By The Planets In Each Sign

Jupiter and the more distant planets spend so much time in one sign, that the meaning of the planet in the sign for the individual becomes less a distinctive mark of their existence than a distinctive mark of those born during that period. While these planets do have a personal meaning in terms of the Houses, Pluto in Scorpio, for instance does not have a unique personal meaning for those with this placement in their natal charts.

Planet/ Point Time in one sign (approx.) One revolution (Years)

One revolution (Days)

Daily Motion (degrees)

Ascendant 2 hours




Moon 2¼ days




Mercury 73 days




Venus 18¾ days




Sun 30 days




Mars 57 days




Jupiter 1 year




North Node 1½ years




Saturn 2½ years




Chiron 4¼ years 51 18628 0.02
Uranus 7 years




Neptune 14 years




Pluto 21 years (12-31)