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Astrology: the signs of the zodiac

On this page:

  1. Keywords for the Signs
  2. The Natural Zodiac with Rulers
  3. Signs Keyphrases
clear.gif (807 bytes) While the planets represent the forces in the universe, the signs represent the way in which the forces operate. For example, the sun is an integrating force, which when placed in Aries is energetic and urgent. That is the desire to integrate is expressed urgently and energetically.

Keywords for the Signs

The keywords for the signs are as follows:

  Sign   Keywords   Sign   Keywords
1 Aries ariesS.bmp (3862 bytes) Energetic and Urgent 7 Libra libraS.bmp (4982 bytes) Diplomatic and Harmonious
2 Taurus taurusS.bmp (5094 bytes) Enduring and Possessive 8 Scorpio scorpioS.bmp (2294 bytes) Intense and Secretive
3 Gemini Sgemini.bmp (4534 bytes) Versatile and Variable 9 Sagittarius sagittariusS.bmp (3398 bytes) Free and Tolerant
4 Cancer Scancer.bmp (4534 bytes) Instinctive and Protective 10 Capricorn capricornS.bmp (4086 bytes) Prudent and Reserved
5 Leo leoS.bmp (4870 bytes) Impressive and Creative 11 Aquarius aquariusS.bmp (2518 bytes) Indifferent and Unconventional
6 Virgo virgoS.bmp (2966 bytes) Analytical and Critical 12 Pisces piscesS.bmp (5430 bytes) Impressionable and Inspirational

The sun, for example, in Aries will express the basic personality (integrate) in an energetic and urgent way. Venus in Aquarius, for example, will express the urge to attract (or be attracted in an indifferent and unconventional way. We all have all the planets and all the signs in our charts, but we express them in different ways.

The Natural Zodiac with Rulers

In its natural state, the signs are arranged on the zodiac as follows:

Natural Zodiac

The first sign is Aries and the other signs are similarly associated with their natural numbers. The planets in the inner circle are the modern "rulers" of the signs.

Signs Keyphrases

1 ariesAries

Aries is the Ram. Its basic idea is "I am."

2 taurusS.bmp (5094 bytes)Taurus

Taurus is the bull. It's principle is "I have".

3 Sgemini.bmp (4534 bytes)Gemini

Gemini is the twins. It's principle is "I think".

4 taurusS.jpg (1046 Byte) Cancer

Cancer is the crab. It's principle is "I feel"

5 leoS.bmp (4870 bytes)Leo

Leo is the lion. It's principle is "I will".

6 virgoS Virgo

Virgo is the virgin. It's principle is "I analyse".

7 libraS Libra

Libra is the scales. It's principle is "I balance".

8 scorpioS Scorpio

Scorpio is the scorpion. It's principle is "I desire".

9 sagittariusS Saggitarius

Saggitarius is the centaur. It's principle is "I aspire".

10 capricornS.bmp (4086 bytes) Capricorn, or capricorn2.jpg (1069 Byte), or capricornEurope.jpg (1156 Byte)

Capricorn is the mountain goat. It's principle is "I use".

11 aquariusS.bmp (2518 bytes) Aquarius

Aquarius is the water bearer. It's principle is "I know".

12 piscesS.bmp (5430 bytes) Pisces

Pisces is the fishes. It's principle is "I believe".