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The Venus In The Signs.

clear.gif (807 bytes) Venus spends 18 or 19 days in each sign.

The keyword for Venus is to harmonise.

Some keywords for the signs are mentioned below. See also the planets. The quadruplicities and triplicities are also important.

See also: Planets In The Signs for a list of other planets in the signs.

On this page:

Venus In Aries

Venus (to harmonise) in Aries (energetic and urgent).

You enjoy being first (cardinal) in matters related to fashion and beauty. You may also seek new forms of entertainment. You follow your pleasures energetically and urgently. You must have it! You are direct and you might be too direct in areas of romance, even coarse (active, Venus in detriment). You may fall in love with someone at sight and have a whirlwind romance (cardinal).

Venus In Taurus

Venus (to harmonise) in Taurus (Enduring and Possessive).

You are affectionate and seek lasting pleasures. You are likely to want to attract a partner, rather than to take the first steps yourself (passive). You are also more likely to get involved with someone rather slowly (stable), but once you have a relationship, you tend to keep it (fixed). In relationships you may be very possessive. You may be attracted to others according to how practical the relationship is (earth) and you are unlikely to run away with someone after a lightning romance! You want to have beautiful things in your home.

Venus In Gemini

Venus (to harmonise) in Gemini (Versatile and Variable).

You have many and various things you enjoy, although you might not enjoy any of them deeply. You are logical in that you notice relationships between different ideas. (Venus). You are also likely to rationalise your desires and pleasures (air). You think a lot about your relationships with people (air, Venus). You are a good communicator and might have a "golden tongue". You tend to judge things in relation to values rather than facts or details.

Venus In Cancer

Venus (to harmonise) in Cancer (Instinctive and Protective)

To feel good about yourself you need to be surrounded by things of beauty. You may feel you need luxurious things, even though you may not really be able to afford them. (need vs luxury). You may instinctively be drawn to things of beauty, but not really know why (desire not thought, instinctive). You might consider you need these things and desire and want them above anything else (even if it seems crazy to others). You may very strongly defend your hankering and longing for beauty, luxury and sensuality. It is possible that some deprivation in early childhood makes you do this (Cancer home, passive, instinctive desire). You may be very emotional (water) over relationships (Venus), longing for a partner and moody in relationships, which is instinctive and not rational.

Venus In Leo

Venus (to harmonise) in Leo (Impressive and Creative)

You exude a grand vision of wealth and luxury (even if poor). You may have a great deal of interest in the arts, and may be a good actor (Leo). You are generous (Leo) and might tend to overspend or otherwise deplete your resources (Gambler). You are good at handling people (linking) and at bringing people together (harmonise). You are also good at handling disputes, and might handle conflicts beautifully (Leo in a Venus way).

You are good at thinking up new ideas and starting things which relate to realtionships and luxury (cardinal). You may find that when in love you cannot get the other person out of your mind (fixed).

Venus In Virgo

Venus (to harmonise) in Virgo (Analytical and Critical)

You enjoy experiencing art (Venus) and paying close attention to details and pointing out any errors (Virgo) or lack of harmony (Venus). You may be highly skilled at making (Virgo) beautiful things. Even if others think you are beautiful or handsome, you may be highly self-critical and consider yourself unattractive (when you aren't). If asked about artwork, you will probably speak about it in a detail by detail way, evaluating each bit as good or bad (or in between). (Virgo, Venus). It is possible that the weighing and balancing of each detail (Virgo) and evaluating it (to value) bit by bit might interfere with artistic pleasure, and you might just not like art, or appreciate beauty (Venus in fall in Virgo).

Venus In Libra

Venus (to harmonise) in Libra (Diplomatic and Harmonious)

You are the epitome (Venus rules Libra) of perfect balance (the scales) in beauty. You may present yourself elegantly and attractively, figuratively or literally, in relation to others. You are a great solver of interpersonal problems and you make a good diplomat and partner. You can bring about harmony between people in a beautiful manner. You are a good thinker (air) in matters related to interpersonal relations, so you can think up new ways to bring about peace. You have good judgement in these matters.

Venus In Scorpio

Venus (to harmonise) in Scorpio (Intense and Secretive)

You may be intensely passionate and sensual (water). You may feel compelled to do things (passive), perhaps secretly, by intense feelings and passions. The physical, sexual aspect (Mars corules Scorpio) of your relations (Venus) may be most important to you (Venus in detriment). You may find it hard to stop thinking about physical matters (fixed). In relation to beauty and art you may be more interested in discovering secrets about beautiful people and things which undermine them (Pluto corules Scorpio).

Venus In Sagittarius

Venus (to harmonise) in Sagittarius (Free and Tolerant)

You have a free relationship with others and are tolerant with them. This makes a fairly free relationship. You gain great pleasure (Venus) from philosophy and higher education (Sagittarius), or at least advanced matters. You may seek pleasure (Venus) in distant places (Sagittarius), either in the world, or distant in the mind. You do not have a strong connection with art or beauty. You might however enjoy many art forms without showing any strong preferences (mutable). For you, the truth is related to linking together different things (Venus) in a loose manner (freely and tolerantly), perhaps harmonising somewhat different things (Venus).

Venus In Capricorn

Venus (to harmonise) in Capricorn (Prudent and Reserved)

You are happy (Venus) when everything is going like clockwork, on time, on schedule, and according to procedure (Capricorn). While you will start things you do so cautiously, and are likely to commence new projects when the advantages are such that you cannot turn the opportunity down (cardinal, passive, earth). What is beautiful (Venus) to you is something that goes like clockwork (Capricorn) and which is palpably of great benefit (earth). You are good at handling interpersonal matters (Venus) because you listen carefully (cautiously) and try to find a workable solution (earth). Your tendency to believe that people should work like machines, on time, etc (Capricorn), is mediated by your sense of fairness and ability to make relationships (Venus) and utility (earth), so you are a good executive. You are also a loyal employee.

Venus In Aquarius

Venus (to harmonise) in Aquarius (Indifferent and Unconventional)

There is great pleasure in bringing together (Venus) unconventional ideas (air) and harmonising them, whatever others might think (unconventional). In love, the relationship may be unconventional, but you will follow your heart. You love (value) your friends (Aquarius) and benefit from your friendships. You are loyal (fixed sign).

Venus In Pisces

Venus (to harmonise) in Pisces (Impressionable and Inspirational)

You are capable of a high degree of refinement (Venus exalted) in your love and caring for other people. You may "collect" people who are in difficulties, and whom you wish to help. You enjoy music and may be a musician. Through music you can transcend (Pisces) the material and seek transcendence.