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The Uranus In The Signs.

clear.gif (807 bytes) Because Uranus spends about 7 years in each sign, the meanings do not have a distinct personal meaning (except through distinguishing groups of people from groups of people born in other Uranus signs. They do, however, have a distinct meaning in relation to the Houses and Aspects.

Any dates are approximate. With 84 years between the signs, it is possible the average human will meet all the people with the different signs, but they would have to live till they're 77.

That is, these sign positions have a personal meaning for those born in period when the planet was in these signs, but it doesn't distinguish them from others born in these periods.

See also: Planets In The Signs for a list of other planets in the signs.

The keyword for Uranus is to deviate.

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Uranus In Aries

Uranus (to deviate) in Aries (energetic and urgent).

You value freedom and you have the energy and sense of urgency to accomplish it for yourself and others. You can think up new ideas and to present them with energy and enthusiasm. Without some self control however, you can be rushing around with a bee in your bonnet and getting nowhere. You can be deeply inspried over unconventional things, including inventions (fire, Uranus) but might not get round to finish them (Cardinal sign) if you don't get the results quickly. (1928-1935, 2010-2019)

Uranus In Taurus

Uranus (to deviate) in Taurus (Enduring and Possessive).

You can make your ideas (Uranus) work because you are practical (earth) and persevering (fixed sign) in matters related to personal wealth. However, you may have conflicts (Uranus in fall) between having new ideas and being somewhat slow to get started (Taurus, earth, fixed sign). And you may feel trapped in rules and regulations (earth) when you want to be free to do your own thing. (1935-1942, 2019-2025)

Uranus In Gemini

Uranus (to deviate) in Gemini (Versatile and Variable).

You have the urge to deviate in a versatile and variable ways in relation to ideas (air). That is, you produce lots of strange and unconventional ideas, which may be good or not so good. You seek the future through inventing new ways of thinking and relating to others (air). You may develop new ways of communicating (Gemini). You tend to be torn between different ideas and have problems making up your mind (Gemini, the twins).

(1942-1949, 2025-2033)

Uranus In Cancer

Uranus (to deviate) in Cancer (Instinctive and Protective)

You have the urge to deviate in matters related to the home (in its widest sense), ethnic origins, self-development, etc, in an instinctive and protective manner. This can mean rebelling against the traditional forms of security such as the home and the native country and looking for new alternative ways of forming one's base, such as self-development. You tend to be emotional (water, water bearer) in a variable way, which can make you sympathetic with others feelings, or may mean you react emotionally to the conventional home or to patriotism.

(1949-1956, 2033-2039)

Uranus In Leo

Uranus (to deviate) in Leo (Impressive and Creative)

You tend to deviate impressively and creatively in relation to pleasures. You choose new pleasures, perhaps unconventional ones, and ways of enjoying yourself. You may experience some conflict between your basically casual, or "cool" attitude and an enthusiasm to impress others (Uranus detriment), perhaps with new ideas (inspirations) and new ways of having fun (Uranus in detriment). You should avoid being overconfident and taking too many risks. You can be too proud and seek power for its own sake.

(1956-1961, 2039-2046)

Uranus In Virgo

Uranus (to deviate) in Virgo (Analytical and Critical)

You tend to deviate in an analytical and critical manner, particularly as it relates to work, service, hygiene and health. This can mean attraction to unconventional methods of healing, new ways of work, and ingenius ways of clearning up the social (public) environment. Again, this can mean, for instance, and interest in devising new work practices, or devising unconventional work practices, and similarly, for healing.. new or alternative. It is likely that you are practical and can put your new ideas to practical effect (earth).

(1961-1968, 2046-2053)

Uranus In Libra

Uranus (to deviate) in Libra (Diplomatic and Harmonious)

Your tendency to deviate, diplomatically and harmoniously, is in the area of interpersonal relationships, particularly partners. In the area of marriage, it can mean that you must have the space to do your own thing. You may be novel in your relationships with others on a one-to-one, equal basis. You are a charming friend with unconventional ideas on how you relate.

(1968-1975, 2053-2059)

Uranus In Scorpio

Uranus (to deviate) in Scorpio (Intense and Secretive)

While you are a thinker (Uranus) and appear to be somewhat detached, you are extremely emotional (Scorpio, the water bearer). You might tend to hide the emotional part of you. You may be unconventional in the way you show your feelings. You may make drastic and sudden changes, which might also be fundamentally transforming. You might change yourself through discovering and eliminating deep and passionate emotions, or you might help others with this skill.


Uranus In Sagittarius

Uranus (to deviate) in Sagittarius (Free and Tolerant)

You deviate in a free and tolerant way, especially in relation to long journies, philosophy, religion and higher eduction. People born in these years tend to innovate in various areas of knowledge. They may even be innovative in religion. In order to seek release from accepted beliefs and dogmas, they travel a lot to distant places, with the purpose of leaning and experiencing more. They are particularly good at dreaming up new ideas (Uranus, fire). You may be involved in unleashing your ties to common social beliefs and creating new ways of thinking.

(1981-1988, 2066-2072)

Uranus In Capricorn

Uranus (to deviate) in Capricorn (Prudent and Reserved)

You are fortunate in that you have the capacity to have inspirations or ideas (Uranus) and be able to translate them into practice. You can take your unconventional ideas or inventions and through being prudent and reserved, and by being persevering (fixed sign) translate the ideas into something practical (earth). Freedom and independence are very important to you, and you are not deterred by others in going your own way, so you can persist and succeed.


Uranus In Aquarius

Uranus (to deviate) in Aquarius (Indifferent and Unconventional)

You are at home when you are doing your own thing, and do not care too much what other people think. You tend to be unconventional with your friends and with "your public". You are a loyal friend so people put up with any eccentricities. Also, you are extremely tolerant of any unconventional behaviour and beliefs which your friends hold. You are not afraid to lend a hand when your friends need you. You are a person of thoughts and ideas, and also a communicator (air), but some of your ideas and beliefs might not be practical. You can be an original and progressive thinker, also being analytical. So you might be interest in or involved in science.

(1912-1920, 1996-2003)

Uranus In Pisces

Uranus (to deviate) in Pisces (Impressionable and Inspirational)

You deviate in impressionable and inspirational ways, particularly in spiritual and religious beliefs. You are sensitive and emotional (water) and you may be psychic, that is you naturally do the right thing. You are adaptable and versatile (mutable) and you may have an uncanny sense of knowing things (Uranus). You may have an interest in unconventional music, art or spiritual beliefs.

(1920-1928, 2003-2010)