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The Saturn In The Signs.

clear.gif (807 bytes) Because Saturn spends about 2 1/2 years in each sign, the meanings do not have a distinct personal meaning (except through distinguishing groups of people from groups of people born in other Saturn signs. They do, however, have a personal meaning in relation to the Houses and Aspects.

See also: Planets In The Signs for a list of other planets in the signs.

That is, these sign positions have a personal meaning for those born in period when the planet was in these signs, but it doesn't distinguish them from others born in these periods.

The keyword for Saturn is to control.

  • limitation
  • discipline
  • responsibility
  • rejection

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Saturn In Aries

Saturn (to control) in Aries (energetic and urgent).

There is conflict between your tendency to act first and initiate (Aries) and your tendency to hold back and be controlled (Saturn in fall). This can, however, give you greater staying power (Saturn), and keep you out of trouble (through impulsiveness, Aries). Your desire to do things quick and straight away (Aries) is balanced by another desire to look before you leap (prudence, earth), and also the desire to work hard and complete the job, which makes it less likely you will give up when you feel bored (because it's taking too long, and something else seems more interesting to start(Aries).

Another way of saying this, which applies to all the other Signs with Saturn, is that you must do, what the sign indicates (or the house indicates). You may be terrified of acting like Aries, but this is what you need to learn and deal with. That is, you need to be more open and to do things impulsively, at least sometimes.

Saturn In Taurus

Saturn (to control) in Taurus (Enduring and Possessive).

You may be slow to start speaking and slow in speaking, although when you speak you usually have something worth listening to (Saturn, earth, Taurus).You are trustworthy and loyal (fixed sign). You have a strong reluctance to change (enduring earth), and are hard to move from a position once adopted. You are very possessive and may be miserly. You may, however, be quite happy if you have somewhere to live, the clothes on your back, and a few dollars in the bank. In this case, you will appear non-materialistic. But you must have this minimum.

Sometimes people with Saturn in Taurus may feel they cannot accept personal wealth (perhaps think it's being greedy). They may be overgenerous because they feel guilty or ashamed of owning things or appearing selfish.

Saturn In Gemini

Saturn (to control) in Gemini (Versatile and Variable).

You seek control (Saturn) in a versatile and variable manner in your thinking (air), reasoning and short journies. You work hard, but sometimes intermittently, dealing with factual information. You structure your thinking factually and pragmatically. You restrict your tendency to superficial. You have a good mind and may deal with mathematics or the more useful aspects of written communication as it relates to science and industry.

Saturn In Cancer

Saturn (to control) in Cancer (Instinctive and Protective)

You seek control in relation to your home and family instinctively and protectively. You feel safe and secure as long as your home is OK. You work hard for your family and home. You use your home to create good feelings and security. You are restricted somewhat by your past. You may feel guilty about the past or your family. You may feel moody or melancholic when what you consider to be your roots are threatened. This may mean you are patriotic.

Saturn In Leo

Saturn (to control) in Leo (Impressive and Creative)

You need to impress and be creative in order to feel you are in control. You can achieve a charismatic emotional impact. You are restricted by a tendency to take risks in investements and in gambling. You seek admiration through drama, recreation or through your children. You may feel guilty about being fun-loving.

Saturn In Virgo

Saturn (to control) in Virgo (Analytical and Critical)

You seek to control by being analytical and critical, particularly in work. You feel guilty when you don't have anything to do, or when you do not follow work routines, or your own standards, to the letter. You are considered a very responsible person on the job, and may be good at repairing and fixing things. You are concerned about health, nutrition and hygiene, and work hard so that you and others reap the benefits of a healthy life style.

Saturn In Libra

Saturn (to control) in Libra (Diplomatic and Harmonious)

You seek control in a diplomatic and harmonious way in relation to others, particularly in one-to-one relationships. You may make rules about your relationships, and feel guilty when they are broken, by you, or the other person. And you must have a partner in order to feel good.  The fear of losing a partner may limit you. You can use partners simply for appearnace without being deep or committed. You seek to continue relationships, however.

Saturn In Scorpio

Saturn (to control) in Scorpio (Intense and Secretive)

Responsibilities may be experienced intensely from deep hidden psychological or psychic sources. Self-mastery may be experienced revealing hidden resources. You seek power privately and intimately through transformation or even occult studies. You may compulsively work hard to achieve self-control. You are passionate and intense in sexuality, but could react against this and  practice self-denial.

Saturn In Sagittarius

Saturn (to control) in Sagittarius (Free and Tolerant)

You consider it necessary (Saturn) for you to be free and also to be tolerant (Sagittarius), and this can be somewhat compulsive. You follow the rules (Saturn) of freedom and justice, and you may apply them in a foreful way (fire), especially in realtion to threats to freedom. That is, for you, freedom has its limits and rules. You may travel far and wide (physically or in studies) to seek the truth (Sagittarius) which you will organise and structure in a practical manner (earthy Saturn).

Saturn In Capricorn

Saturn (to control) in Capricorn (Prudent and Reserved)

You work had in a procedural and planned way to seek your goals. You can continue for years working for your goal. You may feel frustrated on occasions because things aren't moving as fast as you would like, but you are careful and cautious about showing what you feel in matters that affect your own interest (or that of your family). You can be charming and persistent in getting what you want, and you are a good persuader, and may be a good orator. In matters relating to justice, you are extremely firm, but you are fair and impartial. You are a good executive.

Saturn In Aquarius

Saturn (to control) in Aquarius (Indifferent and Unconventional)

You seek to structure life (Saturn) in an indifferent and unconventional manner. You need friends, and must have them around you. You are a loyal friend (fixed), and if you are sometimes unconventional or quirky, then this is OK. You are more likely to dream up plans that are sometimes, but not always, impractical (air). But you enjoy talking about them anyway. Scientists with this placement may create new theories and make new discoveries because they know the rules, but can sometimes break them.

Saturn In Pisces

Saturn (to control) in Pisces (Impressionable and Inspirational)

You always follow the rules impressionably and inspirationally in relation to spiritual and transcendent matters. You can be patient, and take hard knocks, and even be self sacrificing for the sake of the transcendent. You can wait for a better life in some transcendent state and can endure whatever the world can throw at you.