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The Mars In The Signs.

clear.gif (807 bytes) Mars spends about 57 days in each sign.

See also: Planets In The Signs for a list of other planets in the signs.

The keyword for Mars is to assert.

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Mars In Aries

Mars (to assert) in Aries (energetic and urgent).

You are not afraid to stick up for yourself or for others. You have a bold me-first attitude. You are honest (fire) and follow your own agenda (active). You are impulsive but have a tendency to run out of steam (cardinal). So if you do not attain your goals quickly, then you go on and do something else.

Mars In Taurus

Mars (to assert) in Taurus (Enduring and Possessive).

On the positive side, you are persistent, when you get going (fixed, enduring) and on the negative side, you can hold a grudge. You are protective of what is yours (possessive) and you can be a strong defender, if you perceive a threat. You may be jealous. While you are assertive, you do take a while to get into action (earth) so when you get mad, everyone can see it coming (or there may be a period of quiet while you build up steam and others may be surprised at your anger after this delay). While you are protective of what is yours, you may be very easy going about yourself, and almost never take offence (passive). You may tire easily when emotionally active (Mars energy and earth)

Mars In Gemini

Mars (to assert) in Gemini (Versatile and Variable).

You are a quick communicator, and sometimes might wonder why you said what you said (inspiration and thought). You can be cutting in your communications (Mars) or even sarcastic. You have a lot of energy and might flit around all the time doing different things (mutable). You may be an inspirational speaker (Mars and air).

Mars In Cancer

Mars (to assert) in Cancer (Instinctive and Protective)

You instinctively assert yourself in situations when the family or base may be threatened. You are instinctive (Cancer) rather than thoughtful. You may express your emotions (Cancer) directly and in response to new ideas (Active Quadruplicity). Your feelings can build up inside and sometimes they bubble out (Mars's fire in Cancer's water). You do not quickly forget upsets (Cancer's water clings to the memory). You assert (Mars) what you believe is important in ways that are caring and protective (Cancer) Your tendency to be direct (Mars) can drift away or be hampered by feelings (Cancer's water). That is, it can be dampened (water sign) and redirected by your feelings and caring side (Cancer's water)

Mars In Leo

Mars (to assert) in Leo (Impressive and Creative)

You have an impressive appearance and might sometimes appear aggressive (Mars). You have a very strong will (Leo and Mars) and you are persistent (fixed) in pursuing your goals. As a leader, you look upon those you lead a family member (family), so you could be paternalistic. You care what others think of you and you could show off sometimes (Leo, Mars). You are generous, extravagant (Leo) and may be impulsive (Mars). As a performer, you may be a tough guy or girl!

Mars In Virgo

Mars (to assert) in Virgo (Analytical and Critical)

You assert yourself by being analytical and defending yourself through dissecting what others say. You may be critical and sarcastic at times. You have an interest in health and service, so you could be a military person, or surgeon, or work in similar or associated fields. You are a hard (Mars) worker (Virgo).

Mars In Libra

Mars (to assert) in Libra (Diplomatic and Harmonious)

You tend to bring about harmony by flitting from one side of a conflict to the other and fighting on the side that is suffering injustice at the moment. You also have a tendency to take the side in a conflict just because another has taken the other side. You tend to show your affection through arguing with the other person (interpersonal, Mars). You may enjoy seeking out conflicts and then trying to bring about justice and balance through fighting (arguing, supporting) for the underdog. (enterprising). You will tend to do this for your own reasons rather than on account of others (active), but if you do act for others, it is likely you will do so for your partner (marriage and other) (Libra).

Mars In Scorpio

Mars (to assert) in Scorpio (Intense and Secretive)

You may have an almost magnetic (passive) way of relating to others (interpersonal) and have the ability to delve (pierce?) deeply into the other person (Scorpio, Mars) exposing his or her secret or hidden weakness. People may feel uncomfortable in front of your all-knowing gaze (Scorpio, Pluto). You are extremely powerful in dealing with others and have a detective's manner, making others feel guilty (even for no reason) (Scorpio). You are likely to be moved on account of others, or deep motives within yourself (passive). You are extremely persistent in what you do (fixed sign), and you are likely to be quick in taking action (impulsive Mars). Either you will take dramatic action or you will do nothing, with nothing in between (intense, impulsive, fixed sign), whether you wish to crack a rock or a walnut, you will always use the sledge hammer.

Mars In Sagittarius

Mars (to assert) in Sagittarius (Free and Tolerant)

You assert yourself freely and tolerantly, that is, you say what you think and do what you feel. You may enjoy sports. You like to walk (or run). You like to talk and discuss things (mutable sign). You do things because you want to do them, rather than for others (active). You have a great deal of energy for doing what you want (Mars, active), but soon become tired when doing what you have to do.

Mars In Capricorn

Mars (to assert) in Capricorn (Prudent and Reserved)

You are extremely energetic, and can keep going even when others have given it the day. (Mars). You are a great organiser, ambitious and a disciplinarian to yourself or to others (Capricorn). You are a workaholic (hard, Mars, work, Capricorn). You can be unkind to those you think do not follow procedures or whom you consider lazy (Mars). You are ambitious, but realistic and follow methods that are tried and true (Capricorn, earth). You are very enterprising (Mars and Capricorn) but you start new enterprises with prudence and reserve, rather than impulsively.

Mars In Aquarius

Mars (to assert) in Aquarius (Indifferent and Unconventional)

You are assertive intellectually (air) in ways that can be completely unexpected. Your friends may value you because you are unpredictable. You are, however persistent (fixed) and with a new idea or craze you will stick to it and follow it through. You have great energy in intellectual ways. You can be impulsive (Mars). You may be inventive (Aquarius) in the area of mechanical engineering (Mars). You may tend to go your own way (Aquarius) in areas which are not socially acceptable (Mars) and pay no heed to what others might say or think (indifference and Mars' independence and impulsiveness)

Mars In Pisces

Mars (to assert) in Pisces (Impressionable and Inspirational)

You tend to be pulled in opposite directions (two fishes) so you find it difficult to follow a personal goal. You are not self-assertive with others, mainly for the previous reason. You have a great deal of energy to fuel the imagination. And you may be psychic (impressionable). While you find it difficult to pursue personal goals, you can follow group goals, or religious goals. You tend to motivated to do things (Mars) by outside influences (or transcendent forces) rather than for yourself (passive). You are adaptable (mutable) and model yourself to whoever you are with, sometimes becoming highly assertive (Mars) about what you perceive the other believes or wants. You enjoy films (Pisces), and may be attracted to those involving conflict (Mars) and self-sacrifice (Neptune as ruler of Pisces), where the goal is not personal survival or glory, but some transcendent value.