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Astrology Planets: Venus

Planet of Beauty, Love and Value

clear.gif (807 bytes) Because Venus is considered female, I sometimes refer to it (her), as she, etc. This doesn't mean what I say isn't relevant to males and females equally, because it is. The use of she in this way doesn't refer to the gender of the person experiencing the force, but to the force, Venus, itself. Similarly, should I refer to Mars as he, I am referring to the Martian force, which acts equally in humans of either gender.

Pleasure and Beauty

Venus is often referred to as the planet of pleasure. However, all planets and humans experience pleasure of some kind. Mercury, for instance, experiences pleasure when it is thinking and relating. Mars experiences pleasure when it is getting into action. And Saturn experiences pleasure when everything is going like clockwork.

Venus experiences pleasure when it perceives something beautiful. Normally, what is considered beautiful is proportional or harmonious. A beautiful face, for example, is one that is proportioned to artistic principles. It is also balanced, with one eye on the same level as the other.

Venus is just as much the planet of pain as it is of pleasure. Whilst Venus experiences pleasure when it is involved with the beautiful, with the ugly, pain.

A personal example is when I was in a lecture where people in a mental hospital had electrodes put in their brains and connected to a radio transmitter so when they had a brain storm, the staff were alerted and could go and restrain the patients. This offended me greatly. Not because I wasn't interested (Mercury, Jupiter), because I was. Nor because it was cruel (the Moon). I was offended because it wasn't beautiful. It offended my sense of aesthetics. It was Venus that got mad at it. It was Venus that raised my wrath.

The previous paragraph shows that Venus responds according to what she sees is beautiful and what is ugly (but not wholly in the visual sense). It is not what is perceived that is beautiful or ugly, it is how it is perceived that makes it so. Venus may prefer an ugly person, but does so because she sees the beauty in their personality, or in their sadness, etc.

The Greek name for Venus is Aphrodite. Her husband is often said to be Hephaestus (Roman equivalent Vulcan), who was the only god to be truly ugly, yet he was kind and peace loving. While Venus had a girdle with which she could make any man fall in love with her, and she was the most beautiful of the goddesses, it isn't hard to figure out why she preferred the ugly and lame Hephaestus. Venus could see beyond the physical and notice the beauty in Hephaestus' nature.

While Venus prefers the comfortable and the agreeable, she may sometimes get involved in conflict, but often to her disadvantage, when she might run to the authorities for help.

Harmony And Balance

Beauty involves balance and harmony, in a proportionate manner. This leads us to the judicial aspect of Venus. Venus doesn't like unfairness. She prefers things to be balanced. She is good at understanding other people's points of view, and can change from one side to the other depending on how she perceives the balance.


Interestingly, the word "fair" can mean "according to relative merit or significance" and it can mean "pleasing to the eye". Both these definitions are very Venusian. Obviously, "pleasing to the eye" is related to Venus (planet of pleasure). And "merit" is a value, and Venus is concerned with values. Venus judges things according to values. In Libra, she weighs things in order to determine their value, and balances things according to their value (significance, beauty).

In comfortable circumstances, Venus is a kind judge. But when there is a threat to the beauty, comfort and pleasure she can be extremely violent and perhaps unfair. When she judges, she will be less hard on those she likes than on those she doesn't like. Saturn, however, is a hard judge, but he is always fair in the sense he will apply the law to everyone equally. He isn't kind and loving as Venus often is, but he is always correct and lawful.

However, Venus is generally good at judgement and has good taste in things. Mercury can reason, measure, etc, but when it comes to deciding between two things it is often difficult because there are no rules in Mercury's world that enable you to make the decision. Sure Mercury can compare one weight with another, etc, but, like Saturn, Mercury finds it hard to compare two identically functioning watches, but Venus can compare, and evaluate them.

Of course, this may not be logical (Mercury) or practical and cautious (Saturn), but Venus can decide.

To be fair (sic), Venus is sometimes dithery when Mercury and Saturn might not be dithery, such as when two things are equally beautiful.

Back to values...


We mentioned above that value is important to Venus. Venus will compare and contrast things to evaluate which is better or more important. By herself, Venus will not know why one thing is more important or valuable than another. She just knows or decides these things.

Value is also the cost of things in terms of money. But also time, trouble, effort, etc. Venus evaluates through her sense of beauty. She is likely to think things are better because they cost more, and for this reason prefers luxury. The fact that something costs 100 times more than another (even though they are just as good according to Saturn) she prefers the luxurious one.


Venus is associated with the emotions, but so are most other planets. For instance, the Moon is emotional and sometimes moody, but almost always fluctuating. The Moon's emotions are more like caring and being protective, like a good mother, although the Moon can be caring and protective over a country or even a Mafia group! Venus's emotions are more about beauty.

Mars is emotional, and can get angry, but usually Mars' emotions are concerned with enthusiasm and excitement. They appear as passions of unknown cause or reason when Mars must do something or have something. Mars does not differ from Venus because he can get mad, because most planets can get mad, including Venus. Her emotions are a response to beauty, comfort, pleasure, relationships, etc. To these, Mars might think "Bah! They aren't exciting me to action." And Saturn might wonder what the practical value is (unless you can put a price on it!)

Love And Relationships

The old astrologers taught us that Venus's emotions are high and refined. She rules marriage, rather than affairs Venus as a force is not basically interested in lust and gluttony, for instance, but can be in association with other planets. She may think these things as crude and see no beauty in them. Naturally Venus does eat and drink and have sex, but these are perceived as things of beauty, while Mars just likes to get down to the passion.

Venus is concerned with relationships. The kind of relationships, or forms of joining together, that she is involved in are ones that involve beauty and value. So romantic relationships are included, but not exclusively. For instance, Venus's involvement with relationships is with liking and disliking, in relation to beauty or aesthetics. Mercury, too, is concerned with relationships, which are often logical relationships between things and people. When Venus joins things or people together, she does so on the basis of liking, disliking ... aesthetics. Mercury joins things together (relates) through logical means. Mercury also brings people together through messages and communication. Venus, however, brings people and things together through aesthetics, including liking and disliking.


Because Venus is concerned with beauty, she likes to be surrounded by beautiful things, by luxury. Venus would not be content with the necessities of life. She must have the luxuries and beautiful things of life. For this reason, she tends to accumulate wealth and sometimes she is greedy. Not only does she wish to accumulate wealth, she also wants to keep it.

Attractive People, Attractive Things, Attractive Words

In a way, pleasure and beauty add up to attractive. The word "attractive" is used in science as in magnets and iron filings. With Venus, the attraction is related to beauty and pleasure. What is important to Venus is attraction, in this sense. So, if she loves steam engines, then it is because she sees them as beautiful. If she is attracted to mathematics, it is because she sees it as beautiful (of course, Venus isn't usually associated with mathematics (Saturn or Mercury) or with steam engines (Mars or Pluto); the examples are meant to illustrate an extreme case). Normally, Venus is associated with beautiful things such as art, clothes, and other fineries.

Of course, other planets experience things as attractive. Saturn sees things as attractive if they work and they are efficient and orderly. For Mars, things are attractive if they create a sense of urgency, necessity and even conflict or danger (Let's charge!) Jupiter sees things as attractive if they are expanding, such as foreign places (expand in space) or new ideas (expand in knowledge).