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Astrology - Planets In The Houses

clear.gif (807 bytes) This page links to 11 pages indicating the behaviour of the planets in the signs.

See also:  Planets In The Signs for a list of planets in the signs.

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See also planets In The Signs for information about the behaviour of the planets in the 12 signs (links to 11 other pages)

On other pages:

Learning To Apply The Keywords

These sections are ones where we are learning to combine the keywords for the various items in the horoscope. These are isolated snippets which would not be taken on faith in a real horoscope. While we need to take into account the planets, the Houses, the houses and the aspects, the whole set of these amounts to thousands of items. And we need to start learning somewhere in a simple way.

Using This Information With Care

If this material was taken literally and put together in a horoscope, there would almost certainly be contradictions or many contradictions between the items on the various pages. One thing may say one thing and another may say the direct opposite. But as said in the previous paragraph, we need to start somewhere with some simplicity.

Also many or all of the examples assume that the planet in a sign or house is positively aspected. When this isn't the case, the interpretation would change somewhat, perhaps change a lot.

Isolated Snippets

While these aren't exactly opposites, they do require some reconciliation. This is something that is very difficult for a computer program to do, and requires someone to take into account more factors to see where and when the person might show one kind of behaviour rather than the other.

Nonetheless, we must start somewhere, and it seems that by studying the planets in the houses, we begin to build the skills we need to interpret charts. By learning simple relationships in isolation, we can later build on this practice to interpret charts with more understanding.

Thousands Of Combinations

The ten planets in the twelve signs make 120 combinations. If we include the Ascendant, MC, and the Moon's Nodes, then we have 168 combinations. Combined with the twelve Houses we have 2,016. Of course, the rulers of the Houses/Signs will increase this by another 12:   24,192. There will, of course be aspects to be taken into consideration.