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This page contains short descriptions of the Sun in the Twelve Houses

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The Sun in the Houses

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As with all the planets in the houses, these aphorisms are written in isolation of the rest of the chart. This means they will be modified or even discounted by the signs, planets, aspects etc.

The keyword for the sun is to integrate)

  • rulership
  • creation
  • vitality
  • impress

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The Sun In The First House

The Sun (to integrate) in the House of Self

You tend to integrate in the area of self. You use the self to impress others. You are dramatic, and tend to lead (angular) and be the first. You may use your outward behaviour to conceal your real nature. Your natural action is to be direct, honest and straightforward and perhaps a little naive or innocent.

The Sun In The Second House

The Sun (to integrate) in the House of Possessions

You seek to impress others with your possessions, that is, whatever you own. This can also mean you use your talents and skills, etc to gain an edge in life. You see and value yourself and others in terms of what they have. Your self worth tends to depend on how you can impress others with what you have.

The Sun In The Third House

The Sun (to integrate) in The House of Communication and Thinking

You integrate communications, thinking, and relationships (often logical relationships) in order to impress others. You are full of vitality in terms of communication, and you make small changes, or go here and there in order to communicate and gain information. You may be involved in teaching, or passing on information.

The Sun In Fourth House

The Sun (to integrate) in the House of Home

Your roots are important to you and you may be more interested in your home than anything else. Your family is what you care most about and also you might use your family, and its history, to impress others. You are your family and heritage to some extent. You initiate actions in relation to your home, roots and background, but you can tend to stay at home, so you might be considered a bit reclusive.

The Sun In The Fifth House

The Sun (to integrate) in the House of Pleasure

You probably think the purpose of life is to enjoy yourself. You delight in children While we all enjoy receiving gifts, you particularly delight in giving and receiving them. You are not afraid to take chances, and might be involved in the occasional gamble, or stock-exchange activities. You might especially enjoy the theatre, cinema (movie theatre) and similar kinds of entertainment. You might be something of an actor.

The Sun In The Sixth House

The Sun (to integrate) in the House of Work

You tend to integrate, or to identify yourself in terms of work, health and service. You may be keen on learning. You may be involved in helping others in terms of providing a service or distributing time, skill or goods for their benefit (cadent house). Cleanliness can be very important to you, and you may judge yourself and others in terms of how neat and tidy they are in their appearance or otherwise, perhaps also in terms of their work routines. You could be involved in health care, and you may be concerned over your own health.

The Sun In The Seventh House

The Sun (to integrate) in the House of Partners

Having a partner is especially important to you, and you may seek to impress others through your marriage partner or through partners in general. You are likely to know quite a few people on an equal basis. Justice is important to you and you like to be seen as someone who is fair and just in their dealings. You are concerned with art and beauty, and you may prefer beautiful people too, but you are likely to judge them on more than their appearance, so others might not see the beauty that you see.

The Sun In The Eighth House

The Sun (to integrate) in the House of Shared Resources

You tend to integrate matters at a deep or hidden level. This means you may like to be sexy. It could also mean that you are interested in the deep and secret matters of other people's lives of psychology, or of science. You may impress others with your inheritance, legacies and money from partners. It may be you are good at handling the money of others, such as in banking and investment. You may have a Svengali eye of seeing into the depths of others and understanding their needs and motivations.

The Sun In The Ninth House

The Sun (to integrate) in the House of Major Changes

You tend to integrate in the area of major changes, which might mean you are a world traveller, or in the not-too-distant future, a space traveller, or someone who "travels" extensively in the realms of knowledge, higher education, philosophy, and extensive thinking and discussion. You may be deeply involved in religion, as a form of study. You seek truth and justice. You have a sense of fun and enjoy a good laugh. You enjoy sport.

The Sun In The Tenth House

The Sun (to integrate) in the House of Public Image

You seek to integrate and to impress in terms of your public image, how others see you. This doesn't have to be grand, and could be being seen as Mrs Smith, the teacher, or Mr Jones the electrician. You may be involved with the authorities and may have some power in society, or in your profession.

The Sun In The Eleventh House

The Sun (to integrate) in the House of Ideals

You tend to integrate in relation to ideals. The future and sometimes the past is something you are drawn to. You seek to impress others in matters concerned with equality, fairness and humanitarian concerns. The people you are associated with in terms of your career are probably more important to you than your family, or partner. While you are concerned with sudden changes, these may actually become permanent (succedent house). Other concerns are networking, freedom and the law.

The Sun In The Twelfth House

The Sun (to integrate) in the House of Ends

You integrate through behind the scenes activities and through service. You may do things not so much for yourself, but in the service of a higher power, which could be God, some ideal, or for powerful authorities. It could also be the unconscious mind.

You tend to be a backroom person (even if you are a president) and may be involved in research, especially secret research. You may be involved in schools, churches, hospitals, prisons, etc. That is, you may be involved in institutions which claim to serve, rather than to seek their own interest, such as the United Nations, nationalised industries, or any large organisation which has become bureaucratic.