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Saturn in the Houses

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As with all the planets in the houses, these aphorisms are written in isolation of the rest of the chart. This means they will be modified or even discounted by the signs, planets, aspects etc.

Saturn: jupiterS.jpg (889 Byte) (to control)

Planet of Time, Discipline, Responsibilities and Hard Work

  • limitation
  • discipline
  • responsibility
  • rejection
  • must do

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Saturn In The First House

Saturn (to control) in the House of Self

You present yourself at first as being somewhat cautious and nervous. This can make you appear gruff and harsh. You can appear to be cold and calculating. You aren't one to be that concerned about fashion and how you look, although you appear conventional, even if that means wearing a suit! You may shun the limelight and be almost insignificant to those who do not know you well. Yet beneath all this, you have the potential and the ability to work hard so you can succeed, even though it takes a longish time, you will at least gain your success.

Saturn In The Second House

Saturn (to control) in the House of Possessions

You seek to control in relation to possessions, particularly money. You probably feel that you simply must gain disposable wealth, even if you keep it and don't dispose of it! You can be fearful and too careful about not having enough money saved up to the degree you do not really enjoy life. You have a well-ordered mind in matter related to money, and you may work in an area which involves money, such as banker and treasurer. You are a practical person and once getting money you are reluctant to let it go. You gain money through hard work and it doesn't come easy to you.You do not acquire wealth through luck, but through toil and the sweat of your brow (although this can be figuratively true). There can be losses. The advantage is that you learn how to survive and how to get the wherewithal of life, even in difficult circumstances.

Saturn In The Third House

Saturn (to control) in The House of Communication and Thinking

You are a cautious and fearful communicator, being careful with every word. Your thinking is similar. You are a practical person, so you do not waste words and tend to speak about real and concrete things, rather than ideals or dreams. You are versatile and tend to be an agreeable person. You are careful about the rules of language, and speak correctly. You could be a strict and disciplined teacher. You tend to move around a lot, making regular journeys, and could be involved in transport, newspapers or magazines.

Saturn In Fourth House

Saturn (to control) in the House of Home

You tend to control or be controlled in matters related to your origins, early upbringing, etc. You can consider you are restricted by your background, or you may view it as a framework which you can use to bring order to your life. You parents, probably the father, may have been very strict and controlling. Perhaps they were away a lot, working all hours, or your parents divorced. You might think you need or needed to get away from home. Or you might feel you are tied to your roots. You also feel that having a secure home is something you must have. You are emotional, although you might find it hard to express your emotions. You may dream of being famous and successful, yet believe that this success will never come your way. Yet through working on this and with effort applied to self development you can in time attain your goals. You should keep active, and after retirement find something else that keeps you busy.

Saturn In The Fifth House

Saturn (to control) in the House of Pleasure

You tend to be restricted in terms of fun. You might be tense and feel out of place when fun and entertainment is involved. If you are an entertainer, you might be the "dead pan" type. You are unlikely to get involved in in light romance; you take romance, like everything else, in a serious way. You may be involved in entertainment as a manager or an agent, and you may be shrewd in making money from fun or from gambling. You may have a tendency to be controlling with children, and try to make them grow up before their time. You may be somewhat afraid of children, thinking of the bad things that can happen.

Saturn In The Sixth House

Saturn (to control) in the House of Work

Work is important to you, and it is likely that you will see the results of your efforts, but only after a longish time. You can see work as restrictive and feel you are held back, but you can use this as a framework for your success, which comes not easily, quickly, or by luck, but surely and giving you great experience. You can feel frustrated, but you should stick at it and you will get the benefits. You desire to have lots of friends and admirers, and attain great ambitions. Sometimes it can seem that these goals will never be met, but the secret is to carry on working and you will get there in the end, where others might never attain more than mediocrity. You should be careful with your health and your diet. You can concentrate on work so much that you neglect your nutrition and exercise. You could be involved in health work and as such you would be very cautious and practical.

Saturn In The Seventh House

Saturn (to control) in the House of Partners

You tend to control or be controlled in relation to partners, marriage, business or close friends. You take marriage seriously, and may not get married until you are mature. Earlier marriages can fail, but you will stick with a later marriage. You may marry an older person, seeking security or a parent figure to guide and control you. You may be charming and a good communicator on a one-to-one basis, but to develop these skills you need to spend a long time working on them. You may not have a lot of close friends, but those you have, you hold onto. In business dealings you are careful and shrewd.

Saturn In The Eighth House

Saturn (to control) in the House of Shared Resources

You tend to control in matters dealing with shared resources. You are good at dealing with other people's money in the sense you are careful and cautious. You could have problems here, though, if you try to control your partner's resources too much. In relation to sex, you prefer it to be something that is planned and controlled. Spontaneous love making is definitely out! Deep, secret matters may be held in check, or you may think you are restricted by them. There may be hidden anger or other emotions which needs to be released in a controlled and practical way. Because you have practical good sense, you are able to deal with deep issues provided you have the self-confidence to allow them to surface. You have a great power to suppress things, but need to relax the grips a bit to prevent explosions of wrath.

Saturn In The Ninth House

Saturn (to control) in the House of Mind Expansion

You tend to be cautious but practical in matters related to education, philosophy and long journeys. Because you take a practical approach to learning, you are more interested in science and other practical ways of learning. You are likely to seek experience rather than read books. Your formal education may have been restrictive, which may interfere with higher education, or your freedom to consider new ideas, or explore matters deeply. Long journeys may be for business reasons, rather than for pleasure (although you might claim they are for business reasons!) You may have learned or experienced all the obstacles to education and learning, so might be good at advising others. Higher education does not come easily to you, and you might need to work hard in order to succeed. By struggling with higher education, you may end up doing better than those who found it easy, if you persist and allow enough time and do not become disheartened.

Saturn In The Tenth House

Saturn (to control) in the House of Public Image

You can reach the top in your career, but only through long, hard work.Professions that require a long period of study, such as medicine and science are examples of this. And success in business can often take a long time too8. You have administrative skills and you are a hard worker. It is likely that you will get little through luck and by chance, but you have to get everything through a slow hard grind. The rewards, however, can be way above the average. There are sure to be setbacks, barriers, problems with authorities. But you can overcome these restrictions and external controls with patience and perseverance. You may have trouble with parents, perhaps the mother, who was very strict and conventional, using strong discipline. But this can be used as a structure for you to attain success. If you are the boss, you may be authoritarian, but fair.

Saturn In The Eleventh House

Saturn (to control) in the House of Ideals

You may restrict yourself in what you might hope for, but you are inspired to greatness. The problem is that it won't come easily to you. You must have freedom and independence. You can experience even slight control as unacceptably restricting. You can be perceived as cold and calculating, yet you have your friends and supporters, perhaps because you are in addition careful and prudent. You are also creative in a practical way with groups that you control or belong to. You may be involved with humanitarian causes, for which you work hard.

Saturn In The Twelfth House

Saturn (to control) in the House of Ends

You seek to control or you are controlled by matters that cannot be controlled or which are unknown to you. This may mean you suppress your sadness which may prevent you properly handling it. It could also mean you are restricted by matters which you cannot avoid. It is possible you are secretly sabotaged by hidden enemies, such as an apparent friend or acquaintance who talks behind your back to influential people. You may feel you must become involved in service to humanity, yet be disheartened by the many obstacles in this path. You believe you are restricted from living a normal life, perhaps because you believe you are different from others in some way. All of this can contribute to making you a very important person in helping others. By understanding the limits and restrictions of life, you can empathise with others and understand them and help them. You may work for a big organisation, such as a hospital, prison, or even organisations such as the United Nations. You can be more aware of hidden matters in the unconscious mind and use this knowledge for the benefit of humanity.