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Pluto in the Houses

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As with all the planets in the houses, these aphorisms are written in isolation of the rest of the chart. This means they will be modified or even discounted by the signs, planets, aspects etc.

Pluto:  pluto1S.jpg (868 Byte) (to transform)

The Planet Of Transformation

  • eliminate
  • regenerate
  • purge
  • redeem

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Pluto In The First House

Pluto (to transform) in the House of Self

You present yourself in a powerful way. You are intense and perhaps also a bit secretive. You could have psychic or healing abilities, especially in connection with the collective unconscious or the akashic record (depth psychology, past-lives regression). You can completely give up on one presentation of self and begin anew with another.   You may be obsessed about matters related to health and lifestyle. It is possible you may sometimes feel alienated from yourself.

Pluto In The Second House

Pluto (to transform) in the House of Possessions

You are resourceful in the sense you can suffer setbacks and very quickly regenerate your finances. You may have a strong drive for wealth. You may fundamentally change priorities and values in your life. You may be obsessive about matters related to money and food. You have the power to uncover deep, hidden motives about the need for security in all its forms.

Pluto In The Third House

Pluto (to transform) in The House of Communication and Thinking

You are extremely curious and may know (almost) everything that's going on in the locality. You could move around a lot, regenerating yourself in new places. You may have some secret urges to communicate matters related to people in your network. You may have the ability to uncover deep thoughts and feelings related to communication, the neighbourhood and the mind in general. This could indicate abilities in linguistics or educational research.

Pluto In Fourth House

Pluto (to transform) in the House of Home

You may think a lot about your home, or your background, or even your country. You could go to extremes where you love your home and then you want nothing to do with it. You have the ability to completely give up your home, or should you lose it, you can quickly create another home environment. You may be reticent about your home or background.

You could have deeply repressed desires and armouring through defence mechanisms. Yet you can eliminate these and start newly, regenerating yourself. There is great potential for self regeneration.

You may be deeply interested in the home, or by extension history both national and family.

Pluto In The Fifth House

Pluto (to transform) in the House of Pleasure

You find you have to express yourself in an intense and dramatic way. You are particularly good with children and can form strong bonds with them. Romantically, you might find at times that you have it all, and then, at other times, you have nothing, going from one extreme to another.

You can be obsessive with lovers and they can be just as intense. You have a great capacity to enjoy yourself, even though you might transform games into life or death contests. Nonetheless, you can relax through games and pastimes and sports, looking after children and through romance.

Pluto In The Sixth House

Pluto (to transform) in the House of Work

You take your work intensely serious, and you can be an obsessive workaholic. You can be so involved in work that you neglect your body by working all hours, unaware of its signals, which might be saying feed me better, or give me a break.

If you are involved in work such as television networks, synthetics, plastics, police work, therapy, cleaning, or science or psychotherapy then you have the ability to utilise your power.

In the therapy field, you might be involved in energy-healing, such as Reiki. In a regular job you might be interested in discovering secrets which might be used in "office politics".

You may think a lot about your health, your diet or with cleanliness and hygiene. You have the capacity to accept major changes in your health, work and the way you serve your fellows. You have great regenerative powers to do with work.

Pluto In The Seventh House

Pluto (to transform) in the House of Partners

You have an intense relationship with your marriage partner. You may show extreme anger at conflict, or, at the other extreme, ignore it. That is, you go to extremes.

You may have few friends because you prefer to be a lone wolf. You may relate to others by pretending you have certain feelings, which you do not really have, because faking the feelings seems socially correct.

Perhaps because you pretend to have certain feelings, you do not take people at face value, but probe beneath the surface of things. You are good at finding information about others, even when they try to keep it secret. You have the ability to suffer or to cause drastic changes in relationships, yet to be able to start again newly, and quickly find a new partner, or new friends.

Pluto In The Eighth House

Pluto (to transform) in the House of Shared Resources

You have the ability to make powerful inner transformations, creating a very powerful personality. You are intense in sex, and you can think about it a lot and feel strong compulsions towards it. You may be involved in psychic matters and perhaps be a channeller. You have powerful healing abilities. You are able to dig deep into your own or others' minds to seek and bring to the surface hidden matters, which left to fester might create mental and behavioural problems. You have strong powers of self control and may be deeply involved in self development. You may have hidden talents, or you may be good at revealing talents that others have of which they are unaware. You are good in a crisis, and have the physical ability to regenerate quickly, should you become ill.

Pluto In The Ninth House

Pluto (to transform) in the House of Mind Expansion

You have a strong drive to learn. If you pursue higher education you will do better in subjects that relate to uncovering secrets, or dealing with life and death. Archaeology is one of many examples, including history, ancient languages and similar. In another area, there is medicine and bio-engineering, in fact any biological subject. You might also study police work or criminology. Later you might choose teaching as a career, specialising in one of these subjects. When you take long journeys for pleasure, then you might choose places associate with volcanoes, and even better if there are live ones. You might like visiting any place that is rich with history. Such trips will buck you up and give you renewed energy. You may be attracted to religions that are concerned with fundamental transformation of the self. You should be wary of religions that are too extreme.

Pluto In The Tenth House

Pluto (to transform) in the House of Public Image

You are ambitious and want to be the boss, and you will most likely have a strong public image. There are many professions which might interest you. They include medicine, psychology, anything involving repair and renovation, including rehabilitation; academic subjects include archaeology, geology, chemistry and physics, including atomic physics. The underworld could figure here: both criminals and those who oppose them. There may be some crises in your career, but you have the ability to make a dramatic come back.

Pluto In The Eleventh House

Pluto (to transform) in the House of Ideals

You like to have power over your friends, and you have a till-death-do-us-part attitude to friends. You may have few friends, but you are loyal, and the links can be deep and lasting. You desire to make over your friends. You can also be intense about your hopes and wishes too, throwing yourself into them with great intensity. You may have a strong drive to change society and groups. You could be drawn to communal living.

Pluto In The Twelfth House

Pluto (to transform) in the House of Ends

You may exert power within an organisation from behind the scenes, having great influence. You may find normal society confining and seek to be apart from it, perhaps going your own way. You have an intense inner life, but you may seek to hide this from others. You may transform sex into spiritual ecstasy. Or you might have secret affairs which you don't want others to know about. You may have psychic ability and power in healing, which could be conventional, as in medicine. You may find yourself going from one extreme of universal, selfless love for all, to the another extreme of deep rage and anger at individuals, society or institutions - rage and anger which you try keep hidden from everyone, especially yourself and which might spurt out unexpectedly like an erupting volcano.