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Neptune in the Houses

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As with all the planets in the houses, these aphorisms are written in isolation of the rest of the chart. This means they will be modified or even discounted by the signs, planets, aspects etc.

Neptune:   neptuneS.jpg (1267 Byte) (to refine)

The Planet Of Transcendence

  • transcendence
  • delusion
  • mystery
  • capitulation
  • dissolution

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Neptune In The First House

Neptune (to refine) in the House of Self

You present yourself in as an impressionable person who can be inspired by others. You are trusting, perhaps too much so, and you are very sensitive to the vibes of your environment. Your self might seem to dissolve into others, or you take on the qualities of those you are in contact with, and, therefore, you might be unsure who you really are.

On the other hand, any problems in relation to the self can be overcome even when they seem impossible. You may do this through learning to swim in the sea of other people, dissolving any barriers.

You may have that Gazelle-eyed look, which can be very attractive.

Neptune In The Second House

Neptune (to refine) in the House of Possessions

You may prefer to dream of grand schemes rather than to act in reality. You may have a view that money is bad, or you do not deserve it. You should avoid being too charitable and realise that you, yourself, are also a person worthy of a good life. You could make money from caring for the sick, or from film, dance, photography, or music. You may be involved with alcohol, drugs (but ensure the drugs are a legal business) or chemicals. Often you demonstrate an uncanny ability to overcome financial problems, even when they seem insoluble.

Neptune In The Third House

Neptune (to refine) in The House of Communication and Thinking

Your communications are refined, so you may have the ability to write with beautiful word pictures, but not to reflect the details of the real world. You may appear a bit mysterious in your communications and difficult to tie down to anything specific.

You do not think in terms of boundaries, so in your toings and froings around the locality you may not be reliable in terms of time (that is, you may often be late). Your thoughts tend to merge together, so that even two contradictory ideas might both be true for you.

In your communications, you are agreeable in the sense you aren't one to argue. You may feel restricted by language, feeling you cannot express what you really mean. You may find logic, too, a restriction on seeking truth. You may find you can be easily deceived by language, or deceive others. You may have mathematical ability (algebra, calculus, etc), but not be interested in arithmetic.

Neptune In Fourth House

Neptune (to refine) in the House of Home

You may have a house by the sea (Neptune rules salt water).

You are particularly good at empathizing with others, particularly family members. You are caring and nutritive towards others. You are self-sacrificing in relation to your family (parents), or they are to you. There may, however, be feelings of guilt in relation to the parental figures, including grand parents. Should there be any problems with your ethnic origins, family tradition, country even... you may find you are able to bring about amazing solutions when everyone else thought it would be impossible.

Neptune In The Fifth House

Neptune (to refine) in the House of Pleasure

You may be impressive in some area such as drama, or impressed by the stage and film. You enjoy dressing up and creating strong effects in others. You can play a person of mystery. You can lose yourself in the characters you admire. You are also interested in subjects such as photography, dance, martial arts and anything related to the sea, including fishing. You are sympathetic and could find people attractive simply because you pity them, for instance those who are bad, sick, insane, drug-addicts, etc. You may dream of being captured by an imagined knight or princess and submitting to them. In relation to children, you might tend to give them everything, yet feel they are ungrateful. While you may enjoy parties and pubs, you should be careful with alcohol.

Neptune In The Sixth House

Neptune (to refine) in the House of Work

You are particularly suited to work involving helping others, particularly those who find difficulty in society, or are in some way outcasts. The poor, the mentally ill, the disabled, criminals, etc. You may also be attracted to work involving animals, particularly pets, or other small animals. In these areas, you can be extremely effective. You do not do well with details, and tend to day-dream when doing (according to you) boring things. You need to have a pleasant workplace, because you are extremely sensitive to your environment. You might not get on well with your co-workers because you do not show the same interest as they do in relation to the processes and routines of the job. It is particularly important that you choose a workplace where the vibes are good and a kind of work which does not require detailed following of procedures, which make work seem, to you, like a treadmill. Social work or something similar is likely to be the best for you, or perhaps working for large charities.

Neptune In The Seventh House

Neptune (to refine) in the House of Partners

Your partner may be musical or artistic in some way. You have a tendency to "see" your partner in an ideal way, as perfect, which means you are not looking at a real fallible human being. You look at the world of relationships, and people on a one-to-one basis through rose-coloured glasses. You should be careful to avoid partners who are addicted to alcohol or drugs, or who just confusing and confused (actually check). You should also be careful both to avoid being too self-sacrificing and to avoid a partner who is too self-sacrificing. In emotional or stressful situations with others, you might tend to use non-resistance, which sometimes makes an angry person suddenly become calm and rational. In marriage, your passion may suddenly disappear, although this is more likely to happen because you sense that something has gone wrong. There may be secret enemies.

Neptune In The Eighth House

Neptune (to refine) in the House of Shared Resources

You would rather dream than pay attention to money, so you either ignore shared resources or let your partner handle them. You need to be aware that you tend to leave money to others to handle, which is good, but you must show some attention to avoid problems from those who might take advantage of your high degree of trust, or use a professional advisor, such as an accountant. You should avoid alcohol in situations involving possible sex, where you might want to follow your true will, and not have any resistance disappear. You are likely to be intense and passionate in matters to do with sex and experience extreme delights. On the other hand, at the other extreme, you could be celibate or renounce sex for religious reasons. Relationships, can suddenly turn off and you find that the desire has disappeared.

You show an interest in the occult and are intuitive and may experience precognition. You are very sensitive to the inner thoughts of others, and may intuitively know their secrets.

Neptune In The Ninth House

Neptune (to refine) in the House of Mind Expansion

You tend to refine in areas related to higher education, philosophy, religion and foreign travel. You can expand beyond normal boundaries in these areas, and this may be due to beyond normal abilities. You are interested or involved in mystical philosophy or religion. You may also be interested in fine art and carry out your research in this area. You make journeys into foreign places for spiritual or mystical reasons, in search of wisdom. You may also gain wisdom  from dreams. You blur boundaries between what is known and what is unknown. Believing in the basic relationship or oneness of all life, you may link together various subjects, going beyond the frontiers into areas foreign to your original inquiry to bring together universal wisdom from various sources. Your ability to empathise makes you a very understanding advisor, teacher or counsellor.

Neptune In The Tenth House

Neptune (to refine) in the House of Public Image

You career may involve film, photography, drama, the arts, chemicals or psychic matters such as channelling. It may involve other illusions such as conjuring and matters involving fashion. You could be involved in dance, fashion or glamour. You could also be involved in mathematics (although you will have most interest in the advanced aspects and least in arithmetic). You are idealistic about society and may be involved in work of an inspirational or humanistic nature. You may avoid the harsh realities of having a career, and you may be confused over which path you should take. You might sacrifice your career for some ideal, giving up a promising career to help the needy. You dream about fame and glory and may attain it, although perhaps through unusual means (Not in the Uranian way, but rather through dissolving barriers and expanding into these areas, as if by magic where the normal barriers no longer apply). Your work could involve medical fields or social work such as work in prisons, hospices, mental hospitals, nursing homes or orphanages.

Neptune In The Eleventh House

Neptune (to refine) in the House of Ideals

You attract artistic friends, or those involved in illusion, such as film, acting and fashion. You are particularly idealistic and your ideals will be more real to you than reality. It may be enough for you just to dream. Your dreams can become real. In many cases, this does mean accepting the need to work on them and to deal with the details. Yet you may find that you can attain your ideals in unexpected ways (Not in the Uranian way, but rather through dissolving barriers and expanding into these areas, as if by magic).

Neptune In The Twelfth House

Neptune (to refine) in the House of Ends

You may tend to prefer to be alone. You are sensitive and intuitive in matters related to other planes of existence. You have a rich inner life, which you keep hidden from the world and you have an active, perhaps precognitive dream life. You tend to escape into your wondrous world of dreams and imagination. You may feel you are confined and unable to live a normal life, yet this could urge you to make a significant contribution to helping others in hospitals, hospices, prisons and similar places of seclusion.