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This page contains short descriptions of the Moon in the Twelve Houses

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The Moon in the Houses

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As with all the planets in the houses, these aphorisms are written in isolation of the rest of the chart. This means they will be modified or even discounted by the signs, planets, aspects etc.

The keyword for The Moon (The Planet Of Needs And Feelings) is to react

  • feelings
  • reflection
  • change (rhythmical), fluctuation
  • take in
  • need

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The Moon In The First House

The Moon (to react) in the House of Self

You behaviour is a reaction to the outside world. You tend to react emotionally and variably to other people. You have a good memory and may react in an extreme manner You enjoy your food and may tend to put on weight. You feel most at home when you are expressing your feelings in relation to yourself.

The Moon In The Second House

The Moon (to react) in the House of Possessions

You react to your possessions in an emotional way. And your finances may have their ups and downs. Your self-esteem depends on your possessions. You may be artistic and have insight into financial matters. You feel best when your finances have been sorted. And you feel good when you are accumulating, possessions, money or experience.

The Moon In The Third House

The Moon (to react) in The House of Communication and Thinking

You react to communications and to thinking in an emotional way. You have a good imagination, and can communicate imaginatively, telling a good story, perhaps, in an emotional way. You are restless and need emotional variety. Occasionally, you may need to rest from communication because too much, in a writer, produces writer's block, which is solved by having a hiatus.

The Moon In Fourth House

The Moon (to react) in the House of Home

You react emotionally to the home. You may be very attached to your mother, or the caring parent. You have a rich inner life. You may be concerned with the past, which can mean you are interested in the history of your country, family, etc. It could also mean you like to think of past events in your life, and may be sentimental, valuing certain objects for their associations with the past. You may be concerned with self development, as it relates to establishing yourself in relation to your origins, but can also mean you want to develop a rich inner life.

The Moon In The Fifth House

The Moon (to react) in the House of Pleasure

You are most at home when having fun! You enjoy your pleasures. You love children, and may be sentimental about them. You may tend to 'go off' your lovers and are not afraid to seek the right person. You are somewhat dramatic and good at projecting emotion. You are romantic and enjoy games.

The Moon In The Sixth House

The Moon (to react) in the House of Work

You react to work, health and service in a fluctuating way. You may prefer to work in areas of childbirth, child care, infant teaching, etc. You may have your ups and downs in terms of feeling well. You may be involved in health, perhaps even emotional health. You have a desire to serve.

The Moon In The Seventh House

The Moon (to react) in the House of Partners

You have a need for a partner, and can be emotional, even clinging to them. You are not afraid to change your partners when the emotions cool down. You are sensitive to your partners, and also may be psychic, in that you become aware of things in an uncanny way. You are concerned with justice and fairness, and you tend to feel sorry for those who are treated badly, responding emotionally. You are good at dealing with the public. And you may be charismatic as a speaker, projecting emotion powerfully.

The Moon In The Eighth House

The Moon (to react) in the House of Shared Resources

You are intense, and can sometimes go to extremes. You react passionately and intensely. You may seek deep emotional feeling which you can unite with your consciousness, removing obsessions and irrational fears. You can learn to show self control, especially in relation to mood swings. And you may seek self mastery. Occult studies may appeal to you, particularly as they relate to emotions. You are very very good at "seeing" other people's weak points and hidden motives. This could mean you are a good investigator or psychoanalyst. You are good with other people's money, which could mean you are a business person of some kind, using other's capital to make money, perhaps in real estate.

The Moon In The Ninth House

The Moon (to react) in the House of Mind Expansion

You react to areas of mind expansion in a fluid manner. You may be religious or seek continuing knowledge, for which you may long for.You can take in information very quickly and have a good memory. As you are imaginative, you may create new ideas. You may undertake long journeys, a sentimental journey is just right for you, but other long journeys for emotional reasons will also appeal. Your major changes may be in the physical world, in terms of travel or in the mind, where you can expand your knowledge and awareness. Areas of study involving deep understanding of the mind may be appropriate. While you seek the truth, the truth for you is what feels right.

The Moon In The Tenth House

The Moon (to react) in the House of Public Image

You have a need to bask in the limelight! And feel good when you do so. You are sensitive to matters of public standing, and may be good at promotion. You may instinctively know the right thing to do in appealing to the public. Your ambition and life goals are very important to you. You may long for the success you have always dreamed about. Your success may have its ups and downs.

The Moon In The Eleventh House

The Moon (to react) in the House of Ideals

You react to friends, ideals and the future sensitively and with insight. Your association with large groups is likely to be emotionally based. You are loyal to what you believe and to your friends, however, you can change if you feel the organisation isn't right for you. Organisations include political parties and trade unions.

The Moon In The Twelfth House

The Moon (to react) in the House of Ends

You react through behind the scenes activities and through service. You may do things not so much for yourself, but in the service of a higher power, which could be God, some ideal, or for powerful authorities. It could also be the unconscious mind. In any case, it will affect you emotionally, and motivate you through feelings.

You have a rich dream life and are extremely sensitive to your environment.

You tend to be a backroom person (even if you are a president) and may be involved in research, perhaps research related to deep psychology, or occult matters. You may be involved in schools, churches, hospitals, prisons, etc. That is, you may be involved in institutions which claim to serve, rather than to seek their own interest, such as the United Nations, nationalised industries, civil service, or any large organisation which has become bureaucratic.