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Mercury in the Houses

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As with all the planets in the houses, these aphorisms are written in isolation of the rest of the chart. This means they will be modified or even discounted by the signs, planets, aspects etc.

The keyword for Mercury (The Planet Of Mind and Communication) is to communicate

  • speech
  • thought
  • short journeys
  • inquiry

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Mercury In The First House

Mercury (to communicate) in the House of Self

You tend to communicate instinctively, and present yourself as literary and intellectual. You have the ability to be a good teacher or salesman. You are good with your hands, and may have craft skills. You are a quick thinker. You have a tendency to talk about yourself.

Mercury In The Second House

Mercury (to communicate) in the House of Possessions

You communicate about possessions, your ability and talents. You are a slow speaker, but put beauty and power into every word. You may gain income from communication related activities, or through cleverness. And you have a tendency to think about things in terms of money, which means you have good business sense.

Mercury In The Third House

Mercury (to communicate) in The House of Communication and Thinking

You are an extremely good communicator. You are a good student, and can learn things well. You have writing or teaching ability. You are restless and like to move around in the neighbourhood. If you have a brother or sister, they are likely to be talkative.

Mercury In Fourth House

Mercury (to communicate) in the House of Home

You communicate in matters concerning the home, or base. You communicate in an intellectual manner in the home, or in places where you feel you belong. Your education could be home based or within the local area. Because you tend to think about the home or your roots, you may be interested in social work, history, or mental development.

Mercury In The Fifth House

Mercury (to communicate) in the House of Pleasure

You tend to communicate about things related to pleasure, sex, games and entertainment, including gambling. Your thoughts tend to dwell on pleasurable things and matters of fun. Perhaps you like to tell and listen to jokes. When you are in love, you may find it difficult to think of or talk about anything except your loved one. You are interested in children and probably think about them a lot. You have the ability to communicate with them.

Mercury In The Sixth House

Mercury (to communicate) in the House of Work

You tend to communicate and think about matters related to work, health and service. You probably talk about what happened at work, or what you did for someone. Or you may talk in detail about how you did things. You may similarly talk about health, either your own or other people's. And you try to be helpful, although you also tend to be too detailed and critical.

Mercury In The Seventh House

Mercury (to communicate) in the House of Partners

You tend to communicate and think about matters related to partners (or equals). You are likely to prefer to work with others on solving problems through discussion and the exchange of ideas. You prefer an intellectual or talkative partner. You are good at dealing with the public, mainly on a one-to-one basis, and so any activities involving one-to-one dealings, including advising and counselling are suitable. You are concerned with fairness and balance. You are also competitive, and may enjoy enjoy activities that involve mental or verbal competition, such as debating.

Mercury In The Eighth House

Mercury (to communicate) in the House of Shared Resources

You tend to communicate and to think about matters related to shared resources. You are intense, and can sometimes go to extremes in your thinking and communications. You can communicate passionately and intensely, but you may prefer not to reveal what you think. You may seek deep hidden or repressed thoughts which you can unite with your consciousness (understand), perhaps revealing new ideas in science. You can learn to show self control, especially in relation to withholding information about yourself. And you may seek self mastery in terms of thinking and communicating. Power is important to you. Occult studies may appeal, particularly as they relate to secret information. You are very very good at "seeing" other people's weak points and hidden thoughts. You are good with other people's money, which could mean you are a business person of some kind, using other's capital to make money, perhaps in real estate. You may also be an agent, going here and there in the neighbourhood dealing with other people's money.

Mercury In The Ninth House

Mercury (to communicate) in the House of Mind Expansion

You tend to communicate in areas of mind expansion in an intellectual manner. This may be in areas of higher knowledge, foreign travel or philosophy You may be religious or seek continuing knowledge, which you may find gently inspiring. You are particularly good at learning and remembering information. You may undertake long journeys in order to expand your mind, but other long journeys seeking specific knowledge may appeal. Your major changes may be in the physical world, in terms of travel or in the mind, where you can expand your knowledge and awareness. Areas of study involving deep understanding of the mind may be appropriate. While you seek the truth, the truth for you is what is logical, or consistent with other facts.

Mercury In The Tenth House

Mercury (to communicate) in the House of Public Image

You tend to think and communicate in areas related to public image, career, ambition and success. You reason out the best way to appear publicly and present yourself as a reasonable person. You think about your career a lot and enjoy listening and talking about how to get ahead. Your thinking is likely to be in terms of what is good for your career, or what is publicly appealing. You are likely to know exactly what you want and how you will get it. You also know why you want it. If you do not know these things, you are very keen to discover them.

Mercury In The Eleventh House

Mercury (to communicate) in the House of Ideals

You tend to communicate and think about matters to do with friends, hopes, wishes and the future. You are concerned about freedom, independence and humanitarian matters. You are most talkative among your friends and when talking about your hopes and wishes, and how you would like things to be in the future. You might think about things from the past which might contribute to your ideal future. You are likely to be humanitarian, believing in justice, freedom and independence for all your brothers and sisters in the world. Your ideas may be a bit unconventional, but you may not care much about what others think. You will certainly have some ideas which are a bit strange. You are keen to listen to others who may be able to provide you with new ideas and information.

Mercury In The Twelfth House

Mercury (to communicate) in the House of Ends

You tend to communicate and think about matters related to selfless, hidden, behind-the-scenes matters which may involve service, large institutions and restrictions. You may think and talk about selfless service for others. You also think about hidden matters, which could mean you are interested in research. You may believe in large, impersonal institutions where people work for the sake of serving others, instead of seeking their own benefit. You may think about and talk about grand ideas about universal oneness, or more modest ones which you know you will never attain, or which might never be attained. There may be secrets you know about which could be personal or related to big face-less institutions which you never want revealed. You may be involved in charity work and talk a lot and think a lot about this. You may be good at managing charity work. You may be influenced by hidden motives.