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Mars in the Houses

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As with all the planets in the houses, these aphorisms are written in isolation of the rest of the chart. This means they will be modified or even discounted by the signs, planets, aspects etc.

Mars: The Planet Of Physical Energy. The Planet Of Action (to assert)

  • action
  • initiation
  • energy
  • division

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Mars In The First House

Mars (to assert) in the House of Self

You present yourself in an assertive manner. You are full of energy to do things and enjoy being active. You tend to be impatient when things don't go as you want them to, or as quickly, and you might get angry. You tend to be independent and want to do your own thing, regardless of others. You like to start things and be the first one, the leader. You tend to be honest and straightforward in what you do, even if you appear abrupt on occasions. You can be divisive and be attracted to conflict, which you might have caused in the first place. You do not back down easily in the face of opposition.

Mars In The Second House

Mars (to assert) in the House of Possessions

You may expend a lot of energy and action in getting personal possessions and money. You may, however, be impulsive and spend it while you have it, and need to learn to save for a rainy day. You, nevertheless, have a strong will to succeed in gaining personal wealth. Your self confidence is likely to be strong, although you tend to break down quite quickly if you are reprimanded when you are in the wrong. Your manner of attaining wealth is likely to be something that is to do with action and that requires personal energy. It could also involve quick thinking. You are likely to prefer possessions that you can see and touch, and perhaps things which you can move, or which are energetic. Perhaps you like motorbikes! You may also be interested in matters concerning engineering and occupations such as butchery and surgery.

Mars In The Third House

Mars (to assert) in The House of Communication and Thinking

You are an assertive communicator and a quick thinker. You dare to think and have the courage to communicate your thoughts. You could be interested or involved in the newspaper industry, or reporting generally. As such you would typically be a crime reporter, especially as the crime involves murder and personal violence. You could be a fiction writer of such things, but it is an effort for you to keep your interest in writing books, although you have the dynamism to do so. You are naturally honest, but you can be crafty, especially when you are ordered around by others. You do better when working alone, or as a leader. You will probably spend time moving around in the locality or on regular long journeys. You could be involved with railways. If you are a teacher, you may be involved in subjects which require action and courage.

Mars In Fourth House

Mars (to assert) in the House of Home

Many old films as part of their story had a man who didn't want to settle down, and wanted to continue his adventure. Of course, such a person could also be a woman. Your early upbringing could have been very strict and you may have had conflicts at home, and perhaps you were glad to leave. Later on, you might be reluctant to settle down and be confined in a family. However, it often happens that this is something which you can do and which makes you happy. You may want to separate from your family and ethnic traditions, going it alone and independent of the past, and create a new exciting future.

Mars In The Fifth House

Mars (to assert) in the House of Pleasure

You tend to assert yourself in areas related to pleasure. You expend a great deal of energy on your amusements. As you like sport, you will probably be an able sports-person. And you might enjoy gambling as it relates to sport. In any case, you will enjoy any competitive games, although you prefer games with action, you might also enjoy the competition in other kinds of games of a more mental kind. You may also expend a lot of energy in romance, and enjoy dating. There is a tendency to seek your own enjoyment and not to consider other people. There may be conflicts with children, or you might enjoy organising children in competitive sports, games and challenges. Winning is important to you, so games and sports which are competitive the ones you prefer.

Mars In The Sixth House

Mars (to assert) in the House of Work

You have an abundant amount of energy for work, and probably work hard. You may be involved in conflicts at work especially with those who do not expend as much energy as you do. You prefer active work, and to be using tools or machines. Where health is concerned you may be interested in or involved in health-work which tends to be active, such as remedial sports, or in disputational psychotherapy (which involves argument, eg RET). You may be involved in health work that involves the use of instruments, rescue, such as paramedics. Service to others is likely to be important to you. You are more likely to decide what you think others need and go ahead and get it done, rather than to try to discover what others really want. You are likely to expend a lot of energy on pets, perhaps dogs, and you could be involved in work that deals with these, such as veterinary work. You may be interested in deeper psychotherapy, where you "cut" through the defence mechanisms and find the deep issues.

Mars In The Seventh House

Mars (to assert) in the House of Partners

You tend to assert yourself in relation to others on a one-to-one basis. In a marriage, you put a lot of energy into conflict, and your partner may be argumentative. You are independent and find working with others does not come easily to you. You want to lead. It could be that you would benefit from learning to be less direct and more charming with other people. And also learning to compromise a little. You can make enemies through your confrontational style with others, if you have not learned to be more diplomatic. You do, however, put a lot of energy in relationships, and when you form a relationship, as in marriage, you may stick with your partner for life. You may come over as the hero and you will certainly stick up for your spouse and for your friends.

Mars In The Eighth House

Mars (to assert) in the House of Shared Resources

You may be particularly passionate about discover and research. This could mean you do this professionally as a scientist or a detective, or in any activities where you need to dig deep to discover hidden or unknown things. There may be problems in relation to the partner's resources or money. You might also feel you want to keep your resources separate and independent from your partner, marriage or business. On the other hand you can put a great deal of energy into working with other people's wealth, and could be successful in business, where this involves share-holders, or other's capital. Your greatest power is where you need to make split-second decisions and act on instinct. This can be beneficial in stock market trading. However, it can cause problems with credit cards, if you do not resist your impulsive tendency.

Mars In The Ninth House

Mars (to assert) in the House of Mind Expansion

You may put a lot of energy into learning and also be enthusiastic about argument and discussion. You may want to travel to unfamiliar places in order to learn and gain knowledge. You may do this figuratively by travelling through a subject or through the mind. You are certainly the type of person who would like to go to foreign places, preferably to explore. We all know what is the last frontier: and if you were offered a change for space travel, you would jump at it. You could have problems with foreigners, however. In giving advice, you might tend to give orders rather than listen and understand. You have a liberal philosophy, but become very intolerant when anyone challenges it, at which time you can enjoy a strong argument. Your partner's brothers or sisters may be argumentative, and you could have problems with them.

Mars In The Tenth House

Mars (to assert) in the House of Public Image

In your career, you prefer to be the boss, not just symbolically, but in order to put things into action and get things done. If you aren't the boss, you prefer to work independently, or even alone. You have a strong will to succeed, and you are practical in your career.There is a lot of energy for you to put into your career, and you are ambitious: you want to be number one! You need to learn to avoid too much conflict, because you tend to argue a lot with your boss and fellow workers. You might also have problems with parents. As a boss, you are likely to be strict and look for action and results, but you are honest and genuine. There are many occupations and professions that would suit you, but you are likely to prefer the law, perhaps the police force, or as a lawyer, particularly when this requires confrontation and argument.

Mars In The Eleventh House

Mars (to assert) in the House of Ideals

You have a lot of acquaintances, and you probably tend to argue with them more than is normal. So far as ideals are concerned you are likely to just charge in, without giving it much thought. You are likely to be intellectual and you may be a fiery leader. You may be involved in matters related to the future, and new things. You are likely to have great enthusiasm for something just because it is new and different. You are good at launching new things, particularly new social measures and idealistic public concerns.

Mars In The Twelfth House

Mars (to assert) in the House of Ends

You are secretly assertive in matters related to non-personal matters. You may try to conceal your anger and your tendency to argue and create conflict. This suppressed anger can smoulder beneath the surface and can sometimes explode uncontrollably. This can indicate a passive-aggressive state. You may work alone, and in secret, when you can succeed in attaining goals, which otherwise might be unattainable. You have some anxiety about your ambition and your tendency to be self-less and seek the good of the group, community, etc. You can be a good health-worker or psychiatrist, cutting through the secret matters and revealing the cause of problems. There may be things that you want to do which you cannot do, and this may make you philosophical, or it could make you feel frustrated and helpless. There is a danger of secret enemies who might use slander to try to defeat you. For instance, a smiling neighbour who informs on you to the authorities. You may be fortunate and use your experience, or even your personal trials to gain greater understanding and excel in the healing professions, or even make profound discoveries.