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Jupiter in the Houses

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As with all the planets in the houses, these aphorisms are written in isolation of the rest of the chart. This means they will be modified or even discounted by the signs, planets, aspects etc.

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The Planet Of Expansion

  • generalisation and abstraction
  • truth seeking
  • benevolence

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Jupiter In The First House

Jupiter (to expand) in the House of Self

In your behaviour, you present yourself as idealist and confident in what you say. You tend not to listen to others, and to say whatever comes into your mind. You come over big and full of life. You may be interested in sports. You have great potential for self development, ranging far and wide in your ideas. You have a tendency to put on weight. Your abundance of confidence comes over whenever you meet people, and you tend to view others as people you can advise and help. You may have a big ego, and exaggerate things. You tend to generalise in your speech and are somewhat abstract.

Jupiter In The Second House

Jupiter (to expand) in the House of Possessions

For you, money may appear to grow on trees. You feel lucky and you seem to get enough money to get by, at least. You trust in your natural talents which enable you to gain wealth. People also trust you and give you opportunities to exploit your expansive ideas and inspirations. Because you are confident and lucky, money does come easily or unexpectedly. Naturally, you need to avoid being lazy and relying on your good fortune, because luck can run out and then you are worse of than those who had to work extremely hard to get any money, because they have learned how to get it through their own abilities and talents, whereas you may never have experienced hardship. You have great opportunities for increasing your wealth, but must not take this for granted.

Jupiter In The Third House

Jupiter (to expand) in The House of Communication and Thinking

You are a cheerful and confident communicator, speaking with optimism and in broad general terms, rather than in details. You travel around quite a lot. Your thinking is broad, tolerant and varied, as you tend to move from one idea to another. You are adaptable, but this can cause problems with your tendency to be confident and certain about things, so changes of plan can make it appear you have promised more than you can deliver. You may be involved in some way with communications, newspapers, the Internet, telephones, etc. If you are in business, you may travel farther than normal or go further than others in ensuring people are kept in good communication.

Jupiter In Fourth House

Jupiter (to expand) in the House of Home

You tend to be more confident and optimistic about things you are very familiar with; things you feel at home with. You tend to be hospitable, generous and patriotic. Your fortunes tend to increase as you grow older, and you will have a good life. You may be greatly involved in your family traditions, ethnic origins or nation. It is possible you have inspirational dreams. And you value your memories, and also souvenirs. You are likely to benefit from self-development as you seek the truth about your inner nature, and those things which you instinctively do. You may have a large home.

Jupiter In The Fifth House

Jupiter (to expand) in the House of Pleasure

Sports and games are very important to you. You are likely to be good at sport. Dating and romance are equally important and you may have many opportunities for going out with members of the opposite sex. Children, too, are something you delight in, and you may have many of them, or be involved with many children. You may tend to over-indulge them. Gambling, too, can be a temptation. You are lucky in love and games, but luck does run out if we rely on it too much.

Jupiter In The Sixth House

Jupiter (to expand) in the House of Work

You are a jovial worker, and help to make your fellow workers co-operative. You are good natured at work and you are liked by the others. You tend to have problems with your tendency to be expansive and to seek the big picture and the need to attend to the fine details in any professional work. On occasions you might miss details, and on other occasions make a big deal deal out of them. You may be interested in counselling, or giving advice to the public. In terms of health, you need to keep active, move your legs, and avoid over-indulgence in food. Apart from possible problems with these, you are generally quite healthy. You are at your best when you can give some kind of service to members of the public, and this could be any work that does this, including legal work and health-work.

Jupiter In The Seventh House

Jupiter (to expand) in the House of Partners

You may seek a marriage partner who is someone who can support your ideas, your philosophy of life and your ethical beliefs. Your partner may be a foreign person, or someone from a completely different background. You may seek a spouse who is extremely wealthy. Because you are extremely confident about yourself as a marriage partner, you might tend to put less effort into the marriage and to find someone else. You have great social ideas and beliefs about other people. You may be generous to others. Legal work may appeal to you, and you may enjoy the contest in court. You may also have talents in terms of marriage guidance or something similar, which involves advising people how to heal rifts in their relationships. So this could also include business consultants, etc. You are diplomatic and could be involved in work of this kind, especially when it includes foreigners or foreign places.

Jupiter In The Eighth House

Jupiter (to expand) in the House of Shared Resources

You may be deeply emotional. You are likely to benefit from other people's resources, perhaps a rich spouse, or from a legacy. You are lucky with investments, or projects involving shareholder's money. You would probably be a good manager in banking or funds. You should, however, avoid lending too much money. You have great potential to help others through your tendency to seek the truth in deep emotional matters, in such matters as psychoanalysis and similar deep therapies. You are also good at uncovering secrets, which could indicate success in police work, or research.

Jupiter In The Ninth House

Jupiter (to expand) in the House of Mind Expansion

You are lucky when it comes to higher education, foreign travel and with philosophy. You may travel far and wide, seeking the advice of foreigners, or those with quite different backgrounds. You have psychic ability: vivid dreams and inspirations. You may study occult or religious matters. You could use this skill to help others and to guide them in their lives. You may be involved in conventional education as a professor. You could also be involved in religion, such as the established church. You may use your abilities to be involved in legal work, especially where it involves the theory of law and the drafting of legislation.

Jupiter In The Tenth House

Jupiter (to expand) in the House of Public Image

If you are an employee, you are likely to be greatly liked by your bosses. You may find you cannot really go wrong in anything you do. As an employer, you are greatly liked by your employees. Traditional occupations include the church, professors, philosophers, judges and anything that is big and expansive. Long distance travel and dealing with people from abroad are also likely careers. Whatever career you choose, you are someone who takes the big, expansive view rather than the procedural bit by bit approach. You are good natured, and have a sense of humour in the way you deal with others in your work. You are extremely optimistic and may be "too generous" to your employees. Your philosophy of life is a belief in freedom, but you are always conventional, at least in what you say.

Jupiter In The Eleventh House

Jupiter (to expand) in the House of Ideals

You are lucky in terms of the support you get from friends. You may find it very easy to attain your goals in relation to your hopes, ideals, and aspirations, especially as they relate to freedom, independence and justice for others. Your friends will do almost anything for you, and you for them. You have can organise groups of people well, and you are particularly good at work that involves the social good, such as foundations and organisations that champion justice for others, particularly for foreign people.

Jupiter In The Twelfth House

Jupiter (to expand) in the House of Ends

Your good luck may not bring you personal benefits, but it tends to protect you from harm, even miraculously. You may tend to be involved with places of seclusion, such as prisons and hospitals where you may work for reasons of universal love and to help mankind rather than for personal benefit. You tend to hide your natural joviality and good humour. Often because it is inappropriate in these areas. Your philosophy may be one that relates to transcending normal human living and seeking dissolution in the universe, or in universal love. You seek the truth about hidden matters; that is, occult, inner wisdom and secret knowledge which may be of benefit to humanity. You seek the beauty of the transcendent and may be a little unworldly. You may hide your desire to travel, or for secret wisdom. But you might also be involved in secret journeys, or behind the scenes work in some research. This could involve work related to health and disease.