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How to Set Your Goals -

If you find the conventional information is not usable?

  Knowing our goals makes it much more likely we will attain them. After all, if we don't know what we want, how can we attain it?   Experts tell us that those who set goals do so much better than those who don't. Yet many of us become confused when asked to state our goals. Our minds go blank. And all this talk of goal setting and goal getting just seems so tedious.

Well - at last - we can take another approach. Now, let's get going and set some goals:

ΠWhat don't you want in your life? At work? At home? If you take the opposite of these, then you have got a list of goals.
 Instead of saying goals, say results. What results do you want from your life? Does changing that one word make a difference? Can you think of another word more suited to you? For some of us it makes a big difference! Make a list!
Ž Suppose you had all your concerns met. Imagine this now. What would you do in your life different from what you do now? Write these down as your list of goals, or results.
 Think of areas of your life you might consider. For example, health, wealth, love, relationships, work, education, spiritual, etc. Use all the above techniques (1 to 3) in these areas and write down your list.
 Write your epitaph!

Have you got a list of goals now? 

Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

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