Theory of

Personal Development

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The Theory of Personal Development

  1. The Triune of Personal Development
  2. Wellbeing
  3. Understanding
  4. Effectiveness
  5. The Three Parts

Irrational Science

  1. Science and Religion
  2. Modern Man's Religion
  3. Grants are Stopped
  4. Homoeopathy
  5. Barker the Bone-setter
  6. Locke's Practical Philosophy
  7. What Locke Means by Reason

Metaphysics - What is Really Real!

  1. What is Reality?
  2. Do mind and matter exist?
  3. Are we just lumps of matter?
  4. Is everything mind?
  5. Do I really create my universe?
  6. What's in a Name?


The theory of knowledge

  1. How can we Know?
  2. What is knowledge?
  3. What is truth?
  4. What is really impossible?
  5. Impossible in Principle
  6. Unworldly Knowledge
  7. The assumptions of the universe