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Style Sheets Tutorial

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The code for this page is:

body {border: 10 solid rgb(0,0,255);  margin: 10%; padding: 10 }

h1{ margin-left: -5% }

The border property has 3 values:

The property, margin, has a percentage value (10%).

We have padding with a value of 10.

The heading is indented with a negative value, so it appears to the left of the text. Did you notice that this page scrolls, but the background doesn't (You may notice this only if you are using IE4X?

Here's the code:

body {background: url(fireringd.gif) fixed;}

An alternative way of writing this is:

body {background-image: url(fireringd.gif); background-attachment: fixed;}

You can also use background-color.

Let's look at the FONT selector now.


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