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Books and software to help you build your web pages, etc


If there was a dearth of good books to help us, then I wouldn't bother writing tutorials (I'm lazy!)
These are the books which I recommend, which are available from

JavaScript BibleThe book I use most often as a reference is Danny Goodman's JavaScript Bible. It is the book I would recommend to all serious students of Java Script. You can find out more about the book by clicking on the picture on the right and checking it out at!


Mastering JavaScriptThe 'Mastering Series' contains some good titles and Mastering JavaScript by James Jaworski is an excellent detailed tutorial of JavaScript. Click on the picture to check it out at


HTML for DummiesFor those beginning HTML, I recommend Dummies 101: HTML 4
by Deborah S. Ray, Eric J. Ray, Dawn Erdos. I used an earlier version of this book to learn HTML and I found it set me up very well.


HTMLTheDefinitiveGuide.gif (9535 bytes)HTML: The Definitive Guide
by Chuck Musciano, Bill Kennedy, Mike Loukides (Editor)

Packed with examples, this book will take you on to be an HTML expert. Beginners who wish to be proficient, and experienced users, especially, will find this book helpful.

It is an up-to-date coverage of the language and give information on good style, and good presentations for various purposes.

Click the picture to order or get further information from


Web by Design: ThewebByDesign.gif (15311 bytes) Complete Guide
by Molly E. Holzschlag

This book is about web design. It contains a lot of HTML code, but it is really about bringing together all the factors needed to design web pages. It deals with layout, language, type, and the colour pages are a  useful help in using colour combinations to create certain effects.

It goes beyond the mechanics to deal with the overall process of designing web pages for a purpose.

Click the picture to order or get further information from

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