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Tables are not just for sitting on!

Used to format text.

Create a Newspaper Effect.

Make a menu;
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I find that the greatest use of tables is to format text, rather than to display arithmetic data.

The table used here breaks the text into two columns.Tables can be used to create two or more columns in a page to create a newspaper or magazine effect.

They can also be used to create a menu on the left hand side (or wherever you want it.

Tables can also be used to format images on the page, for example those below which could be used to hold navigation buttons;

mabutba1 mabutho1 mabutnx1

Let's look at a simple table;

My Interests My Friend's Interests
Being inactive Being active
Watching Television Playing sports

We make a table first of all by enclosing everything within the <table></table> tags. Next, within the table tags, I put <caption align="center">Interests</caption>

There are three rows in this case. So in the table there are three row tags; <tr></tr> The first row has two headings, so I used two table header tags as follow;

<tr><th>My Interests</th><th>My Friends Interests</th></tr>

This makes the text inside the header tags bold and centred. Finally I inserted table data tags to insert the data;

<tr><td>Being Inactive</td><td>Being Active</td></tr>
<tr><td>Watching Television</td><td>Playing Sports</td></tr>

In summary, the code is;

<caption align="center">Interests</caption>
My Interests</th><th>My Friends Interests</th>

<td>Being Inactive</td><td>Being Active</td>

<td>Watching Television</td><td>Playing Sports</td>


Why don't you copy the above code to your editor and see if it works? Then add your own stuff. By the way, personally I have never used the CAPTION and rarely the table headers!

What was that? Your table doesn't look like my table? Well, I am no artist, so I'm not surprised. What - yours is on the left and hasn't got any colour? Are you saying I haven't told you everything? Well last time I did, your eyes went all glazy and you said, "By the way, a funny thing happened today ..."

Stop complaining and click here for more stuff on tables!


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