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Horizontal Rules

The following are examples of horizontal rules; This one is 50% as long as the screen width;

<hr width="50%" />

Did you notice the funny " /" in this tag? It means that there is only one tag, and this tag finishes after the " />". This code works in old browsers and will also work in the new ones, which may be more strict than before. We have already seen that the line break tag is written in a similar way, <br />, with a space and a forward slash. Tags that have an end tag, for instance, <p>, do not have this line because they have an end tag, </p>. The forward slash means that the tag has ended.

This one is fatter (SIZE) and its colour is black;

<hr size="10" width="50% color="black" />

This one is fatter, bluer, and on the left (align=)!

<hr width="50%" color="#8000FF" size="50" align="left" />

Who would want a fat horizontal line on the left? Don't ask me!

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